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Found 4 results

  1. I bought an older Brent CXC via ebay (serial no. 96318) and I just started to use it. I noticed that it tripped the GFI outlet on the wall when it was plugged into a power strip. So I plugged it directly into the wall. All seemed to work okay after that. Then, today I was trying to find the right speed on the foot pedal and heard a pop. I tried to reset the GFI but now the pedal doesn't work. I figured I blew a fuse, but noticed that the orange light on the controller's on the on/off switch is still lite. So, maybe I didn't blow a fuse after all. Do you think I blew the potentionator in the foot pedal instead? That costs apx. $67. Any ideas? If it is the fuse, then Is there a place to buy fuses for my wheel that aren't through Amaco/Brent. They want $8 for just one. I read I need to get a slow burn fuse.
  2. Have a 1995 Brent CXC that I'm the sole owner...and the wheel turns on and spins strong and it can be switch to spin reverse no problem but the pedal will not adjust the speed from stop to fast...thought it was module in pedal, but I just replaced it and the same, just spins at one speed....... What should I check?
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum here. Last fall, I was given a pottery wheel by one of my mentors. She had it in her basement and hadn't used it for a while. I moved to Nevada and brought it with me, and have not had the chance to use it until now. Well, it works, but the foot pedal is stuck "down." It seems to be too loose, so it just stays "on" from its own weight. But the speeds seem correct otherwise and everything works well aside from the pedal flopping down onto itself to be on high speed all the time. I don't know what model the wheel is, and it used to be in the college she worked at. I have photos of it as well but cannot really find any identifying marks on anything but the motor (Morse). I can see a sticker on the inside of the pedal that looks like instructions on how to adjust it, but there doesn't seem to be a good way for me to open it up. The pedal is totally covered and the one screw that was exposed, I took out, and it didn't do anything. The two holes you can see on the bottom don't lead to any screws or anything inside. I know it is most likely a simple adjustment, but am not sure how to get at it to adjust it. The side bolts where the "hinge" is that turns it are tight, so I can't pry them off or adjust them tighter to try to fix it that way. Any advice?
  4. I bought a used Creative Industries, Clay Boss electric wheel. The foot pedal is now malfunctioning. It seems like I need to replace this specific piece. Not sure where I should order this or what it is called. I have not gotten any responses from Speedball.
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