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  1. Thank you so much, Neil. I forgot to get it last week. I hope to remember to get it tomorrow. Thank you again for everything! I am so grateful to be taking classes with you!
  2. Thank you so much, Callie. This is so helpful! I plan on experimenting with the red Red Art sig too now.
  3. Hi @Callie Beller Diesel, the Red Art Clay is low fire, correct? Do you think I could try this recipe with OM-4 Ball clay instead? Thank you!
  4. Yes, that sounds great, Neil. Thank you!!!!!! Have a good weekend!
  5. I am using Standard 630 and 710 stoneware. I checked the Standard website and was surprised to see that the shrinkage rate difference between the 630 (white stoneware) and the 356 (porcelain) is 0.5 percent only (13.0% to 13.5%). For the 710, (dark stoneware) the difference is 2.0%. I thought the difference would be so much more. Thanks @Callie Beller Diesel!!!
  6. Thank you @Babs , @Hulk and @Callie Beller Diesel!
  7. I search on the forum but did not find an answer to this. It possible to brush porcelain slip on white stoneware (on leather hard, like Hakeme, but covering the body completely), or would the shrinkage difference cause the porcelain to flake off? Thanks a lot! Lucia
  8. Very good advice. Thank you @Pres @Russ @oldlady @LeeU. @Callie Beller Diesel that is a big one. It is good to read it, as I am here reading the forum, delaying a little going to practice at the wheel, with fear that nothing will work today. Going there right now! Thank you.
  9. @Pres Thank you very much for creating this post! it is so inspiring and educational to go through everyone's list and discover these masters.
  10. @oldlady one for the vases is light, the other two are just a little heavy, they are bricks... I am trying hard to throw lighter, but with little success... Thanks for the book suggestion. I will order it. I also just finished watching this video of him on youtube. It is so good and endearing too. Thank you and have a good weekend!
  11. Lucia Matos


    So beautiful!
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