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  1. I have a student making a fountain in the style of what you might see in a town park but miniature: Fountain style I am looking for a way to hide the cord and we have a few Ideas involving silicone sealant and a hole into the foot, with the cord exiting a small notch in the foot then going to the wall. I said I would ask if any of you had any tricks that might work for a design that hides the cord without the silicone sealant. Thanks! Tyler
  2. I recently received an e-mail from a friend I made at a dinner party regarding ceramic cats. I am hoping someone here may be able to offer insight as to the origin of these cats, who made them and from what materials etc. Additionally if there were a way she could find them for sale. An excerpt of the email follows, she and I would be grateful if anyone can shed some light on the subject. My sister and I independently (meaning we were not aware that we were both looking, until recently) have been searching for an exterior house decoration that we recall from our childhood. We would like
  3. sprayed orange carbon trap shino, over sprayed slips and red iron oxide
  4. yeah, crackle slips, im sure u can find recipes online there are also crackle glazes
  5. cool history on steatite, im gonna that out more I could fire lower then cone 6, but not higher I just would think testing stuff at a temperature that I wont be firing other work to would be inefficient so cone 6 would be ideal thanks for the link, synthetic gems could be pretty cool to experiment with but arent probably my style
  6. look into getting some mason stains to color the slip, you can also use colorants like red iron oxide, cobalt, etc. instead, but generally 5-10% mason stain added to the white slip gives pretty reliable color and there are tons of colors to choose from. Then clear glaze if u want gloss finish
  7. Tyler G


    work from february march and april
  8. got this e mail forwarded to me from my professor, was wondering if the work should all be directly related or if a sampling of a couple different types of work is appreciated
  9. thank you all, i am excited to try it this summer, didnt wanna damage my mothers kiln tho any advice pertaining to cone 6 would probably be most useful right now since i wont likely be firing to cone 10 for a few months or more i truly appreciate the advice and think this forum will be a valuable resource for me, i will be sure to post results when i get around to trying some stuff but plz continue with any input, thanks
  10. i suppose i meant stones or pebbles more so then a large rock...doing a test in a saggar sounds like a good idea thanks
  11. I recently heard of people doing this and I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge about this or could point me in the right direction. Im interested in both materials and firing temperature that would have rocks melt and or stay formed, just curious as to any information about this thanks
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