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  1. Nice little collection!
  2. I would like to be able to work larger but do not at this time have the skill to do that on the wheel. One reason I prefer that is that I do not do this as a business and am interested in narrative decoration that doesn't cause me eyestrain.
  3. This work is hard on a sad heart, but he knew it would be you doing this, ultimately, and likely found that thought a comfort.
  4. This vessel wouldn't work for this purpose because of the size of the thing, but religious Jews before meals do a sort of ritual hand wash that involves pouring water over one hand and then the other with a three-handled pitcher, or with two handles 120' apart, called a laver.
  5. Whenever there is a question with a very dominant answer, I like to ask myself what situation could turn the answer around. I know that Louise Nevelson was an abstract sculptor rather than a potter, but her body of sculptural work, at least after her earliest beginnings, was painted black. She made a few all white pieces and a few gold, but she spent her career exploring form in black. There are creative people who find it intriguing to work under a constraint, though in her case she simply felt that black contained all colors.
  6. It is Lee who has the bacon press. I was just an admirer of the image.
  7. The image is splendid. I adore pigs. (Except in my case, because I adore pigs, I wouldn't want the words).
  8. Remind me of the type and size of dogs you have. I have an 87 pound golden retriever I think dog and cat dishes are an excellent idea for the Seattle area market. Maybe don't make them white with a goofy picture.
  9. I have an oblate sphere on my banding wheel. I have roughed in some dancing figures to circle the outside and am thinking about the underglaze treatment. On a separate table I have an oval plaque, as yet unfired, maybe ten inches by 16." I will probably underglaze that before firing. That one is on a Year of the Pig theme, with a plan of showing up to three red river hogs, a Vasayan warty pig, and a warthog.
  10. Mea makes the vital point here, I think. Many people seem to find a market, at least for awhile, with pots that are "student pots." Different people will buy them than those who seek only professional work. I don't think this is particular to ceramics. There is a market for clothing that is not well made as well as a different one for well made clothing. There is a market for prepared foods that have their issues as well as for gourmet.
  11. I am so glad she is doing well. My sister had a mini-stroke last September. At that time I learned that mini-strokes, unlike the regular kind, leave no lasting damage, though they are scary all around. I hope you find an assisted living spot that is just right for her.
  12. Best wishes for a solid recovery for your mother-in-law. Take good care of yourself also.
  13. Honestly, I saw the photo before reading the words and thought "Someone is making frogs!"
  14. I just opened up my new Ceramics Monthly (what a great magazine- and I see you have another article published, Pres!) and saw on page 20 a first exhibit by Anna Whitehouse called #100bottles100days. This made me wonder whether anyone here, at any time in your practice, undertook something like this, an item made in different versions over a course of a large number of days. I know people who have done a painting a day or a drawing of a nude each day... If so, what was your specific objective in the exercise?
  15. I am finally back in the studio, hand- building. It is 23 degrees and I am snowed in. I won't get back to the wheel until spring.

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    2. Denice


      It is also cold and miserable here and we had a snow storm move in this afternoon.   I am fortunate that my studio is attached to my house.  I get enough warm air  from a house vent to keep it from freezing,  I turn on a electric heater in the morning and the shop is warm enough to work in by noon.   I thought you had to dry frozen clay and rejuvenate it.  It has something to do with the realignment of the clay particles  when it freezes.  I could be wrong I have never had to deal with it and it has been a long  time since I had a clay and glazes class.     Denice

    3. liambesaw


      It's sunny and hot today, better get to work Gabby!

    4. Gabby


      In fact at 6:30AM I was at my table, carving a border onto a plaque. I have never made anything big and flat, so we will see how it survives. It is going to have an image "painted"in underglazes, including some oranges I am trying. [Now would I have called it hot here today? It was 34'.]

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