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  1. Thank you very much for the ideas. i'll start with the rolling pin and wood slats. i appreciate the comments!
  2. love the homemade one, i'll shot this to my husband and see if he feels up to the task.
  3. Hello, I've played with handbuilding using a basic kitchen roller (i know its not the right way to do this) and i've decided i love doing hump molds, hand build vases, tiles etc. however using a kitchen roller doesnt make it even. I'm not ready to invest in a slab roller as i do not have the space for it (someday). are there any recommendations for getting an even slab of clay without that tool? and also, what do you use to roll the clay on so that it doesnt get texture or stick. thank you! Christy
  4. When I say flaws its usually in my paint job. here are some examples. drips from the dip on the red one being "milky". the sculpted vase with the black lines leaching into the colored glaze. and the crusted looking brown underglaze on one. didn't apply the maroon thick enough on one piece. its just hard to toss them out when you put so much time into a piece. part of the process I guess. and I learn from each one.
  5. Thank you so much for all of the advice. i feel a little less nervous. i'm just going to try very hard not to have any expectations... do the best i can at customer interaction and more important LEARN. i have found on my journey so far as a pottery, that you are always learning. your comments helped me remember that.
  6. thank you! the "flaws" i see are usually in the paint, crawling or blurring of lines. i've just started carving pieces after i take them off the wheel and then paint underglaze in a pretty detailed pattern. its painful to go to Mr. Hammer after all of that work... but i do learn from it. i usually give them away to family and friends. they dont seem to mind the "flaw" in the paint. Cracked me up at my last family gathering when the stampede started the minute i said there was free pottery on the deck. i am going to try to overlook some of the problems i see and show them anyway, maybe t
  7. Hello, i'm stepping up from Saturday markets and doing my first 3 day art fair. long days. 10am - 8 pm. I'm really nervous. I'd love any advice on how to be successful. I've got about 80 pieces made from small to larger. i wasn't sure about pricing (price higher since its large art fair and an affluent neighborhood?). also all of my pieces are different so i wasn't sure how to present them. only so much can fit on the tables. i was going to have a catalog of inventory that's in boxes below the tables so they might find something else they are interested in. I look at each piece
  8. Crazing drove me nuts when i first started. i know that dreaded "ping" sound all to well. With much experimentation i eliminated a few factors. I started making sure the glaze fit the clay. My husband is science geek so i learned all about the reason (if you're interested here is what is happening https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_stress#Thermal_expansion_or_contraction) i use Mid range clay body so i need a mid range Glaze, and had to fire in that range. i was all over the place before when the crazing occurred due to lack of knowledge on this. I also discovered not to open
  9. thank you so much for the advise. i will start charging the tax. i knew it was easy on the square app. just wasn't sure what buyers expected. i appreciate the input!!!!
  10. hello all, i am doing an art festival next month and was wondering how others handle sales tax in state its required. I'm in Seattle Washington. at farmers markets i was just including it in the price, so a bowl would be the price on the sticker, but in reality i'm losing 10.1%. i found that people wouldn't pay the higher price if i wanted to "mark it up" by the tax. and my husband didn't want to do the math at checkout i've noticed some vendors charge tax on credit card sales, and not on cash sales (easier on my hubby, and i wouldn't also be eating the 2.75% credit card fee).
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    she's not particular... any brush will do.
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