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  1. Nice little collection!
  2. I would like to be able to work larger but do not at this time have the skill to do that on the wheel. One reason I prefer that is that I do not do this as a business and am interested in narrative decoration that doesn't cause me eyestrain.
  3. This work is hard on a sad heart, but he knew it would be you doing this, ultimately, and likely found that thought a comfort.
  4. This vessel wouldn't work for this purpose because of the size of the thing, but religious Jews before meals do a sort of ritual hand wash that involves pouring water over one hand and then the other with a three-handled pitcher, or with two handles 120' apart, called a laver.
  5. Whenever there is a question with a very dominant answer, I like to ask myself what situation could turn the answer around. I know that Louise Nevelson was an abstract sculptor rather than a potter, but her body of sculptural work, at least after her earliest beginnings, was painted black. She made a few all white pieces and a few gold, but she spent her career exploring form in black. There are creative people who find it intriguing to work under a constraint, though in her case she simply felt that black contained all colors.
  6. It is Lee who has the bacon press. I was just an admirer of the image.
  7. The image is splendid. I adore pigs. (Except in my case, because I adore pigs, I wouldn't want the words).
  8. Remind me of the type and size of dogs you have. I have an 87 pound golden retriever I think dog and cat dishes are an excellent idea for the Seattle area market. Maybe don't make them white with a goofy picture.
  9. I have an oblate sphere on my banding wheel. I have roughed in some dancing figures to circle the outside and am thinking about the underglaze treatment. On a separate table I have an oval plaque, as yet unfired, maybe ten inches by 16." I will probably underglaze that before firing. That one is on a Year of the Pig theme, with a plan of showing up to three red river hogs, a Vasayan warty pig, and a warthog.
  10. Mea makes the vital point here, I think. Many people seem to find a market, at least for awhile, with pots that are "student pots." Different people will buy them than those who seek only professional work. I don't think this is particular to ceramics. There is a market for clothing that is not well made as well as a different one for well made clothing. There is a market for prepared foods that have their issues as well as for gourmet.
  11. I am so glad she is doing well. My sister had a mini-stroke last September. At that time I learned that mini-strokes, unlike the regular kind, leave no lasting damage, though they are scary all around. I hope you find an assisted living spot that is just right for her.
  12. Best wishes for a solid recovery for your mother-in-law. Take good care of yourself also.
  13. Honestly, I saw the photo before reading the words and thought "Someone is making frogs!"
  14. I just opened up my new Ceramics Monthly (what a great magazine- and I see you have another article published, Pres!) and saw on page 20 a first exhibit by Anna Whitehouse called #100bottles100days. This made me wonder whether anyone here, at any time in your practice, undertook something like this, an item made in different versions over a course of a large number of days. I know people who have done a painting a day or a drawing of a nude each day... If so, what was your specific objective in the exercise?
  15. I am finally back in the studio, hand- building. It is 23 degrees and I am snowed in. I won't get back to the wheel until spring.

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    2. Denice


      It is also cold and miserable here and we had a snow storm move in this afternoon.   I am fortunate that my studio is attached to my house.  I get enough warm air  from a house vent to keep it from freezing,  I turn on a electric heater in the morning and the shop is warm enough to work in by noon.   I thought you had to dry frozen clay and rejuvenate it.  It has something to do with the realignment of the clay particles  when it freezes.  I could be wrong I have never had to deal with it and it has been a long  time since I had a clay and glazes class.     Denice

    3. liambesaw


      It's sunny and hot today, better get to work Gabby!

    4. Gabby


      In fact at 6:30AM I was at my table, carving a border onto a plaque. I have never made anything big and flat, so we will see how it survives. It is going to have an image "painted"in underglazes, including some oranges I am trying. [Now would I have called it hot here today? It was 34'.]

  16. What I notice most, shawnhar, is that you have increasing control over the shape you are producing, so that you can make many that are the same. How much time in each week are you now able to spend at your wheel?
  17. What a lot of beautiful things! I am enjoying scrolling through the many photos you have posted.
  18. I don't have an image of myself in clay, but I will take that challenge on in Spring when I am more clay-active. I love Lee's series. Another series I admire very much is Robert Arneson's series of self-portrait giant heads that chronicle, for example, his cancer journey.
  19. We may need a different word than "event. " I think of "event" as signifying something that is going on, or about to go on, like a conference or workshop. Perhaps Significant Ceramic News would capture better what you are looking at here.
  20. When I was young I listened to music, 60s sort of music mostly, as a backdrop for almost any work I was doing. In the last few years I have wanted only ambient sounds.
  21. Hi, Lee. I think I would leave out the stubby little dark one, as it looks least unique. Everything I make on the wheel looks like that, so it isn't that I don't think it is cute. It just doesn't look as special as the others.
  22. Finally, after several weeks of looking wistfully at my worktable (while attending to study unrelated to ceramics), I got back down to the studio. What is sitting on my worktable is a large elliptical cylinder about the dimensions of an office wastebasket. Red stoneware, as usual. I have the basic features painted on it in underglaze but still haven't decided on the detail, whether to go entirely with thin black line work or to have something more going on. Independently, I opened my newest Ceramics Monthly today and find the articles very intriguing. I am so glad to subscribe.
  23. I fell in love with clay when I was four years old, in kindergarten. Thank you, Mrs. Owen . We had a three day rotation in which one third of the class worked in clay, one third in paint, and one third built with blocks. What appeals to my now in clay is not that different from what appealed to me then. It was how the clay felt in my hands, that it was plastic, that the form was three dimensional rather than two dimensional, and that the potential forms were limitless. The act of shaping drew me much more than decorating.
  24. Listening to Min and others talk about the plate design for someone with a physical impairment brought to mind this question: How does your process involve object design before the fact, whether planning a new design simply for the novelty of it or creating innovative designs that provide solutions to practical issues or uncommonly met needs?
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