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  1. OH thank you Bill! So what brand of clear glaze are you referring to and where can I buy said glaze?
  2. In response to myself (haha) I just found this on Google: "Fire the glaze higher or adjust its formulation so that it melts better and more readily heals surface bubbles. In a slow-firing setting, you may need to soak the kiln longer at maturing temperature to give the glaze a chance to heal itself." - This brings me to another question, can I re-fire this at a higher cone and let the bubbles come out ...without damaging the sculpture?
  3. I brushed it on, 2 coats. It is a deply textured piece, but there has to be more than that - it looks like it's bubbling over the surface too now that I see it up close in that pic. Here is another pic.
  4. Please look closely at the pic I provided. This is a stoneware sculpture with underglaze and I just pulled it out of the electric kiln after putting Amaco F10 Clear on it and firing per instruction at program Slow Glaze. Why do I get this foaming in the crevices?
  5. OHH soooo beautiful!
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