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  1. So, I do a lot of fine art equine ceramics. As I await the arrival of a few more pieces of equipment and supplies to fire up my mold making and casting of my own sculpture this summer, I am custom glazing some other artist's sculptures as custom orders for clients from all over the world. I thought some of you here might be curious what I do for a living. This first piece is very much in progress so I'll add more photos as he nears completion. This is a small earthenware sculpture called 'Hadrian'. This mini was sculpted as a Dales Pony by Sarah Rose and produced in earthenware bisque by Pour Horse Pottery. Some of the pieces were custom glazed at that pottery, some were produced in an original finish edition, and some were sold unglazed. I got a few of these in unglazed bisque. He stands about 3 inches tall or slightly less. The first photo I am attaching is the bisque with raw underglaze airbrushed on. Here I am using soft tools to remove some of the underglaze to add dappling to the palomino coat pattern. The white markings were masked with latex then removed and cleaned up using an exacto type craft knife.
  2. Hyn Patty


    From the album: Hyn Patty LLC

    2.5 inch tall earthenware ceramic 'Nomad' sculpted by Kristina Lucas-Francis, produced by Pour Horse Pottery. Custom glazed to pinto 'Zorse' with zebra pattern by Hyn Patty, around 2006. Private Collection.

    © (c) 2006

  3. Hyn Patty


    From the album: Hyn Patty LLC

    3 inch tall earthenware ceramic 'Collier' sculpted by Kristina Lucas-Francis and produced by Pour Horse Pottery. Custom glazed to dark dappled bay with pangare by Hyn Patty, 2021. Underglaze, satin clear, glossed eyes and hooves, china paints. Private Collection.

    © (c) 2021

  4. From the album: Hyn Patty LLC

    3 inch tall earthenware "Wee Bairn' pony foal sculpted and custom glazed by Hyn Patty, 2003. 10 piece edition, private collection. Underglaze, satin clear, glossed eyes.

    © (c) 2003

  5. From the album: Hyn Patty LLC

    3 inch tall earthenware ceramic 'Hadrian' sculpted by Sarah Rose, produced by Pour Horse Pottery. Custom glazed by Hyn Patty to dappled palomino Welsh Cob. Collection of the glazing artist. Underglaze, satin clear, glossed eyes and hooves, china paints.

    © (c) 2021

  6. From the album: Hyn Patty LLC

    Missouri Fox Trotter sculpture by Adalee Velasquez, 3 inches tall, eathenware ceramic. Custom glazed by Hyn Patty in 2021 to a bay tobiano. Underglaze, satin clear glaze, glossed eyes and hooves, china paints. Private Collection.

    © (c) 2021

  7. I was able to find these programs So I think the earthenware is on a porcelain glaze firing ( which fires too1200 Right now it’s at 1029 degs Should I just switch off and pray to the kiln gods Any suggestions ASAP would really b appreciated Thank you Nicky
  8. Melissa Foss Workshop: Sounds of the Americas – Introduction to the Ocarina WS02 –Sunday, 11-2pm, October 17 & 24, 2021 Fee: $100 member/$110 non-member Ancient peoples of all times and latitudes have used an elaborate weave of myth, art and music to communicate their world visions. In the Americas we can connect with this heritage through a rich tradition of musical instruments whose forms, scales and sounds give us a glimpse into the extraordinary cultures that created them. In this hands-on workshop we will take a journey back in time through the Ocarina, a type of ceramic flute that has been produced across Central and South America for thousands of years. The unique sounds of this instrument awaken the memory of our common ancestry, recalling the songs of the birds and animals that inhabit our most sacred natural landscapes. All clay, tools and firing included. Class size will remain at reduced capacity for increased social distancing, masks indoors remain mandatory. Bio Melissa Foss is a musician, instrument-maker and composer hailing from Maryland and Vermont. She received her BA in Art History from James Madison University in Virginia. For the last decade she has been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she completed her Master’s degree in Musical Creation, New Technologies and Traditional Arts at the National University of Argentina. There she taught in the Bachelor's program in Indigenous, Popular and Classical Music of the Americas, and was a soloist with the university’s Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments and New Technologies, performing in Argentina and touring abroad in Europe and Central America. Her composition “Hanblecheyapi,” which was composed using a collection of her own instruments from the three Americas, was one of the International Rostrum of Composers’ 12 recommended works in 2018 and has been broadcast by the BBC and other radio programs in Finland, Portugal and Austria. 21F_WS02 –Sunday, 11-2pm, October 17 & 24, 2021 Fee: $100 members; $110 non-members Contact Matthew Hyleck at matt.hyleck@baltimoreclayworks.org for more information. Baltimore Clayworks 5707 Smith Avenue Baltimore, MD 21209 www.baltimoreclayworks.org
  9. I am very much a beginner... I’ve attended Slab pottery sessions for the past year or so and love it. To the extent where I’ve been asked to make and sell for a local shop as she saw the pieces I was making via social media. I love the process of it all but have no real knowledge in terms of owning my own kiln and the firing process. ive attempted to look online but it’s all over my head as I’m not sure what to even begin looking for. I understand kilns are very expensive but are there any suitable for people fairly new to ceramics??
  10. From the album: MOAR STUFFS

    Pretty self-explanatory.

    © Sarah Alderete

  11. From the album: 2017 Stuff

    The final result of my first animal head sculpture. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out--as you can imagine, I was sweating when this piece was in the kiln!! My fella, its intended and current owner, was extremely happy when he got it for Christmas. <3 Sculpted from Clay Art Center (of Tacoma)'s Xtra White lowfire earthenware, painted with Amaco, Mayco, Duncan, and Clay Art Center underglaze, fired to ^03.

    © Me and my fella

  12. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    White earthenware bowl. Carved when leather hard. Grey underglaze painted into lines and scraped back to neaten. Transparent glaze.
  13. From the album: Fun Fun Fun

    These are really fun pieces called Yard Birds. Each one is hand painted with fun whimsical floral designs.

    © Pottery by Penny

  14. From the album: 2016

    Thrown bowls, cut at right angles to the rim. Thin slabs textured with bark, stamps, shells etc. - pieces attached to back part with front cut edge eased forwards to emphasise the contrast between the organic and engineered. Oxide washes applied at dry greenware stage, fixed in the bisqued firing. 3 back pieces were dipped in transparent glaze, front one dipped in tin white (to cover a repair that fired a different colour!). Fired to 1100oC in electric kiln.
  15. From the album: 2016

    3 creamers with cobalt tissue transfers applied through a home made stencil with transparent glaze over. Wedding favours - 2 test pieces (120 in total) glazed with Mayco Stroke and Coat. Individual name tags to be attached using teal ribbon. These are for my niece (a labour of love) - would never be cost effective as a commercial item, unless someone had money to throw away! Fired to 1100oC in electric kiln.
  16. From the album: Late 2015

    Fuzzy goat...I bet he's gonna eat those pansies. Measures 9.5" across, made of whiteware, greenware underglazed, fired to ^03.
  17. From the album: Early 2015

    Meet Rocky, the little box of dynamite. Sadly, this beautiful bowl did not survive the postman. Grrr... Measured 11" across, fired to ^03.
  18. From the album: Early 2015

    Here he is, Mr. Inlé himself. I could not, for the LIFE of me, get a good photo of him. No picture I took does this piece any justice... he's one of my favorites. Terracotta with white slip, ^03. Holds 15oz.

    © Sarah Alderete/Richard Adams

  19. From the album: Early 2015

    Oh, man. This mug was such a beauty until I saw the dang spots where the glaze pickled on the inside and didn't fill in the bubble holes...hnngh. I didn't want to refire and risk the dragon's lines bleeding, and I couldn't BEAR to smash such a pretty mug, so I gave her to my fella. Terracotta with white slip, ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  20. From the album: Early 2015

    Yep. Another kitsune. Made from seward terracotta and white slip. Fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  21. From the album: Early 2015

    Chewbacca and Junior were brothers--Chewy passed late 2014, and their bunmom wanted a big mug with their sweet faces on it. Yes, Chewy actually had that wiseguy smirk! Whiteware mug (26oz), fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  22. From the album: Early 2015

    Little Duncan here is a tripod bun. Isn't he precious? 10" wide-rimmed bowl, fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  23. From the album: Early 2015

    This is Chewbacca, another bun who loves his blankies. He sadly passed away in late 2014, at the age of eleven. The piece is a wide-rimmed 10" bowl, fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  24. From the album: Early 2015

    The lady who ordered this wanted her bun with his favorite blankies. The piece is a wide-rimmed shallow bowl that measures 10" across. Fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  25. From the album: The Guinea Potter's Stuff

    11" wide shallow portrait bowl.

    © Sarah Alderete

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