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  1. Sue- Are you releasing the slab from both sides of the canvas and creating a new “ramp” on the leading edge before adding a new shim? Sounds as if the clay can’t expand between the two layers of canvas due to it’s being stuck to one or both surfaces. Regards, Fred
  2. DB- Go to the Giffen store directly to get replacement pads: http://www.giffingrip.com/products Or go to their contact page and get more information: http://www.giffingrip.com/contact Regards, Fred
  3. Liam- Usually sodium or potassium, though other flux materials can also cause the halo. Regards, Fred
  4. Russ- Don’ t forget about the thickness of the clay used. The way you are suggesting doesn’t allow for it and, if made that way, won’t allow the form to be flipped without marking or distorting the clay form. Regards, Fred
  5. Cole- If I’m reading Nerd’s reply correctly, it is the casting and time in the molds that is temperature sensitive, not the drying time. I suspect that he may chime in with clarification. Regards, Fred
  6. You are probably good to put it through a bisque again. Does your sitter have a timer? If so, you might not have had enough time on it. Elements should be checked anyway. Regards, Fred
  7. All- Please note that a P100 respirator is a particulate filter for dusts. What is needed is an organic vapor filter. Two distinct filters removing different things. They are often found in combination, but one does not replace the other. Regards, Fred
  8. Dille- In agreement with the site to which Hulk refers. However your location will/can be a determining factor as to whether frost resistance and water absorption are issues. Regards, Fred
  9. Chilly- Don’t know why the search field doesn’t show up on your browser. My phone and computer both have a large “search for items or shops” field with a magnifying glass right at the top. Not saying that it works well, but it’s available on my devices. Regards, Fred
  10. Min- The link for the pdf from Frank Gaydos doesn’t work. Is something missing? Edit: never mind. My problem. I copied too much information because I didn’t see the hot link on my phone. Apologies to all. Regards, Fred
  11. Elliot- Which specific kiln model do you have? Knowing this may be helpful in responding to your questions. Regards, Fred
  12. Paul- You shouldn’t have any problems at bisque temperatures. You may experience issues closer to your final temperatures since the body fluxes start the vitrification process. Regards, Fred
  13. Shelly- Let’s see if I can send just the links for the videos. I list them in order. 1st: https://youtu.be/BUys2Gu2rhQ 2nd: https://youtu.be/xcXEHiyGu-0 3rd: https://youtu.be/ySagsC8NwLs I’m hoping this works for you. Regards, Fred
  14. Lee- Try this one: https://cherylquintana--tcs.thrivecart.com/the-ceramics-congress-digital-downloads/ Just tried it and it worked. Regards, Fred
  15. motox- Some oil-based clays will be called plasticine, instead of modeling clay. One popular brand is Plastilina. Regards, Fred
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