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  1. Ya know I may have spoken out of turn as I fire cone 6 electric electric (cone 5 with 20 minute hold) not gas but I do have a 20 minute hold at top temp although I did program those firing schedule 10 years ago so maybe it drops before the hold, to be honest I just reuse the schedule and haven't paid attention to it in years other than to make sure the schedule is complete and drop starts. Early on we were having various glaze issues just firing to cone 6. Did a lot of reserach at the time and played around with various hold times and landed on 20 minutes with our glazes and pretty much all our glaze issues went away. I assumed gas would act the same way but maybe I am wrong so prob should have stayed out of the thread. I was just curious what Bill was to referring to that was made worse by soaking. We also had a pitting problem early on and cleaning the bisque ware well just before glazing cleaned that up so it was the reason we were having that problem. I get other things cause it as well. If this is a gas thing and not the same as what I do in electric then sorry for jumping in and confusing the thread.
  2. in what way? Have always had a 20 minute hold and never had an issue and when we started doing it it really helped across the board on glaze issues. Hey OP you said you did a bisque firing a while back, did you clean up the pots before you glazed them ?
  3. yeah figured as much, didn't really save much space anyway. Will go back to plan a. All good suggestions!
  4. This is $60 at harbor freight and I am thinking of just removing the stand and sitting the kiln on about 6 2" kiln post for a little airflow, on the shelf. The kiln with controller is 23 x27 and the cart shelf is 24x36. Wonder if the bottom bricks get hot enough to melt the shelf if theres a gap? The desc say heavy duty sheet steal and steel is supposed to melt around 2500f-2700f. Smokies stainless steel is supposed to be good to closer to 3000f. Hate cutting cement board as it wipes out my blade whenever I do it but will if I get a negative reaction here. Neil does that sound ok or should I go back to backer board?
  5. Fantastic solution! It is more pricey than I want to spend right now but slick. I am going over to Harbor freight and check out carts. Thanks!
  6. one thing they may tap into though is the community aspect of it, particularily if the money is going toward something local, if they just do what they know and keep the pitch local and not try to reach a huge audience that does'nt care if they are sucessful or not.
  7. Will be interesting to hear how it turns out. I am skeptical since as the OP said, they dont have any experience. Just seems like a completly different business model and no reason to believe they will be able to just dial it in. Even if a hundred booths roll a couple hundred of the booth fees into this thats may 10-12k for advertising. Not much fot internet marketing.
  8. ha ha, yep need to figure that out I posted here a few months ago the day I was going to put wooden shelves up on the wall and you guys convinced me it needed to be a metal rack because it would be within 2 feet of the top and been meaning to pick one up. If I get this little one up on wheels then it is a lot easier to get back in that area and will prob put it against that wall in the pic. At this point we have 100's of those and prob the 50ish we mostly use that sit under/around the kilns they come out of. Thanks for the prompt, I will buy one when I go get the backer board.
  9. perfect! Yeah been buying lots of casters lately. Putting benches and almost all equipment on wheels. Yeah the dolly was trying to toss something together in 5 minutes with that and scrapes, never a smart move. Your suggestion is dead on, thanks. Hey I dont know if they sell them every where but I found the greatest heavy duty plastic 360 degree rolling planter stands years ago at lowes for I think around $10 that fit 5 Gallon buckets perfectly. Bought about 30 of them and use them for glaze buckets and scrap and water buckets. really saves the back.
  10. I am trying to condense space and have 2 med size electric kilns and a small test kiln in between them. My problem is that the small kiln in order to be far enough away from the other 2 sticks out into the room. I want to put it up on wheels so I can push it between the two and then just one side or another when one of the others are firing. The little kiln has the standard metal stand and what I was thinking of doing is just grabbing one of those piano mover carts and put a piece of plywood to make it solid and then metal sheet over the top of that and then the kiln stand and kiln. Will this work or will the heat just flow through to the wood and be a risk? Should I get a piece of cement backer board as well? Has anyone put one of these little 3/4 cf kilns up on wheels? the kiln and proposed base:
  11. Ya know if you like dealing with the 3rd shop then all you have to do is key on finding however many of the amazing ones you need to hit the number you want for cosignment. This group was 1 out of 3 but the next group might be 2 out of three. Also it will prob get easir to identify situations that dont work and as you get used to it less stressful. Mark C has had some great shops for decades and he has mentioned some go south. Nature of the beast. edit: It can be really hard to make a bad situation better and often not worth the effort. Maybe you are not dropping a bad consignment quickly enough.
  12. on behalf of Texas, no offence taken.
  13. harsh... ha ha, ya know I have lived in the Bay Area, LA, Seattle, Austin/Houston/Dallas/San Antonio and I can honestly say that the big/small thinkers are everywhere. Sometimes you get 55/45 so one dominates for a while but for all practical purposes I think this country is pretty evenly split with just a 5% swing back and forth. Now notice I stayed away from politics because I didn't say who was big and who was small
  14. nah the wheel is not in storage, The new work table over it is open on both sides and has locking wheels so it just slides out of the way with one hand in either direction. Shouldn't hold anything up at all. We do everything in batches so essentially I setup wood tools to do a few dozen of something. Throw a few dozen, trim a few dozen, glaze a few dozen etc so trying to maximize the amount of work surface for whatever project. The benches are all 2 feet deep and this new one is 4x4 so a nice big surface for setting drying boards coming off the wheel before going into rack/cart and also I expect is will be yet another place to pile glazed pots before going into kiln load. I'm just using it here to put together my saw. Its just that the space over the wheel when its not in use is just wasted.
  15. also if they had done rolling closures in places that had cases instead of shutting down everything then they could shut down areas that have lots of cases. As it is there is just no will to shut any area back down no matter how bad it is or gets. The national approach might have worked if kept inplace for really long time but they should have known that was not going to be paractical. I think now its going to just revert to hurd immunity. Yeah it affects us all regardless of politics.
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