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  1. no dates, Not sure why but a date that is not recent just seems old. Have carted s few pots for multiple shows and then the right owner disovers it and bam, the best pot in the display. A date will take the shine off, a date makes it seem like an unsold lesser pot when really it just needed to be discovered by someone who was jazzed by it.
  2. oh, also liked your pots, looks like nice work and I bet lots of people will enjoy owning and using those in thier everyday life.
  3. hey I get it. Might work, might not and like you said, you are willing to accept the downside. I would just say that there is no reason to kick in such a gradiose plan before starting the business and selling some pots. An art business is still a business and if you havent sold anything in a long time then you will have a lot to work out. Here's the thing, you say a year and a half but its really less than that because you cant actually spend to nothing. I tried that and it was really stupid. I was very lucky that I got a programming contract right when I ran out of dough and they paid on invo
  4. Just read your latest post sounds like you have this, just need to work it out. Not clear on what you are building but I'd rethink that. I was at one show where a lady showed up next to us about 5 minutes to opening and popped up a light tent, hung a big sign on the back and put up a folding table and a chair. She then set out 4 or 5 long 'logs' of home made soap and proceeded to sell it an inch at a time to a never ending line of people. When the show ended she was out of there in about the same 5 minutes. I had tears in my eyes when I started the long task of tearing dow
  5. Who knows but no need to do that. Do you make and sell pots now? Do you have all your gear, studio and inventory or do you mean quitting your job and starting from scratch? If you are not currently making pottery at a fairly high end then no I don't think you plan will work, might, but seems more like wishful thinking. If on the other hand you have been doing it for a while and make nice pots and you just mean make the transition from hobby potter to pro then yeah lots of people do that. I think most though start out part time and transition. I tried that one and it didn't work but
  6. A brand new clay boss is around $650 shipped so don't overpay. we have a couple of shimpo whisperers now but I used a clay boss for about 6 months and it was fine. But I don't throw really big pots either.
  7. you did 2 grand at an afternoon popup show in the middle of this pandemic, wow. Congratulations that's great.
  8. Thanks Neil, good points! Thanks for your reply as I keep not doing this. Like you said above I should only be paying double if the local stuff is not up to speed. Since I haven't even tried the local porcelain it is dumb on my part to not do the testing so I am making an informed decision. Still have a few k pounds on hand but its going pretty fast and I don't want to change overnight if I do end up doing so. change is hard
  9. ya know I would normally agree but it does add up with some volume so going to try a couple of local options but you are right on that if we dont like the local stuff its prob worth just having it shipped. The other plus is that they ship a pallet to my door instead of me having to drive 3 hours round trip to pick it up, so there's that.
  10. I think so. Went to your albums and then their shop. Very nice work! I'm sure you do well at shows hope this account works out well for you.
  11. Hey congratulations on the new account and the 65-35 split! It's nice to see the rate. I get very confused with the word being that many shops now need 50-50 on consignment to survive. Makes no sense to me at all. To me its the same as a real estate agent saying they need to increase the 6% commission rate because its been 6% forever. Of course since prices have risen dramatically over the years they have in fact been getting a steady raise all along and make much more money more often than not year over year. A percentage means floating and by definition is not a stagnant commission if
  12. Unless I missed it I didn't see a budget mentioned and at first you were talking specific models like you were going to buy new and then switched to the used one. Nothing wrong with used but I would decide what kiln I wanted/needed and then match the kiln to that. Used or new kilns last a really long time and if its not too small you might end up with whatever you pick essentially forever. If it was a business you might upgrade but since its a hobby you might never want to spend the money again. For instance in addition to size you might like\want an electronic controller and if you ar
  13. Yep, we use JG6. I made a white stoneware for a bit with a blue bird stainless mixer and pugged it and it used NS in its recipe and and then switched after about a year when I got tired of making it. Over the years I just stopped worrying about it but now that you bring this up it does seem like it has kind of been the same for years now. Maybe my pitting stopped whit the switch and just didn't notice.. If that' true then I could have a problem soon because we have been having it shipped from Tacoma and it raises the cost to 75 cents a pound. I can source porcelain locally for more like
  14. I get the the OPs is stainless but just want to add to Mark C, our PP is a dozen years old now, is pitted, not stainless, we use porcelain, never clean it out but use it almost daily these days and have never found anything coming off in the clay while throwing or slabbing. I would guess that maybe something else was in the clay and being attributed to it possibly? I've always wondered if it might pit in a way that is keeps from getting a good vacuum seal but so far never had any issues with it. I was pissed about it at first but now we have gotten enough use out of it that I really can't
  15. do you have any of the old clay in a recycle bin to run some test with?
  16. I wonder if you may have inadvertently set the hold to 10 hours not minutes and such a long hold at such a high temp created the error conditions. I did that once and had to just turn the kiln off instead of a controlled cool down when I saw it come up with 20:00 instead of 20 but was standing there waiting for it to complete and start cool down. So sorry this happened to you. Can't tell you how many times over the past dozen years I have been tempted to just go to bed when I started the kiln so late in the day and it was scheduled to end in the middle of the night. I have thought about
  17. I also question adding oil to porcelain, i'd double check that.
  18. Two things I would maybe add to your considerations. First, size. If you have the power and money then going bigger is prob a good thing when going from a smallish 2-3 cf to say a 7 cf (E23) but going up to 10 cf (the E28) you may want to think it through. We have a an oval that is close to 10 cf and a 7 cf Skutt 1027. There is a difference in the number of pots they hold so unless you want to fire partial loads (most people I think recommend not doing that often as things fire different) then you might want to think about how often you will want to fire. It really depends on what you are
  19. Thanks everyone! I do always doubt high dollar venues for handmade because what we really sell is time and being 40-50 hours in the hole before you sell anything is hard to overcome. If you just order stuff it much easier for cash positive to actually be worth it. The getting a bid threw me but I guess they have lots of add ons. Not feeling it at this point but will take GEPs advice and check the local one out in the Spring if the virus is fading.
  20. I was gathering information on home and garden shows in Texas and while going through the website I was directed to a link "Get a booth quote". I have never seen anything like this before but we have never done a HG show before either. On the surface it seems weird like you are being sized up for how much you can pay before they give you a price. It seems like when you get there you would be left wondering how fair your charges were. Is the booth next to you paying half as much or twice as much as you. On the surface I just hate not just seeing a price list for vendors. Would appreciate any fe
  21. yeah I know, what weird thing for people to use to assert their rights. Can't wait for a vac so we can put this thing behind us. Hopefully someday soon we will all come together as a country.
  22. of course the problem is that we need others to wear a mask or none of us can do anything.
  23. We bought a Peter Pugger before they started making stainless steel ones to handle porcelain (at least for the model we had, VM9) and I have left it full of porcelain for over a dozen years now and while the inside does have some pitting there is not any rust at all. I think I have cleaned it once since we got it and that was such a pain that I just decided if the pitting caused the thing to not de-air properly I would just send it back and have it fitted with the stainless steel. Never even thought about rust. Because of my experience I am not even sure that the rust has anything to do with p
  24. Congrads, bet you have a blast. Which one did you get?
  25. I am blown away, it sure sounded like a show where they were just collecting money from vendors and that hardly anyone would show up. Wow, for people to actually go to a website and signup for a time to go to a fair in any numbers just really surprises me. Of course the B side of this is that I hope no one go really sick because they did it. To me that's the rub on all of these kinds of things. We all know the risk are really high for a very small percentage of people and doing these kinds of things right now just seems a little off and a product of people just not wanting to accept real
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