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  1. I know how to use a GG; I don’t know if it is this specific one? Combo of the wheel (shimpco) and GG, or what. I’ve been successful on Brent wheel with GG, and I can trim on foam; I wanted to know if others had issues, and what they did to remedy......
  2. I’m not a production potter, and I loved using a GG when I took lessons and never had this problem
  3. rubber stop/disk of sorts doesn’t help; I slow the wheel down slowly, I knew about the wheels tendency to stop too fast; I can center, tighten the GG and have it immediately off center, so frustrated; it doesn’t matter if it’s a cup or a 5 pound pot; same resulted
  4. I am about to toss this thing through the window; I’m at a loss....I’ve had it about a year, have a shimpco whisper wheel. its taking me 15 minutes minimum to trim a wine cup; I have a bat under the trimmer, there is over 1/8” of play once it’s tight to the pottery; once I get something centered, it’s constantly knocked off center because the hands don’t grip tight enough? Out of 15 cups, I have 7 now that aren’t terrible but the doors are lopsided anyone else have issues like this? I called the place I got it from, “too bad”; this was supposed to make life faster and
  5. Hi all I did a craft fair this weekend, and most of my glaze colors are floating blue, country red with tan, and nutmeg; I am trying to stick mostly with those colors - I like the western, farmhouse, country look - so that is my style. I know most people feel we shouldn't try to market what we do to "trends", etc. but when I was looking at my display, I did think to myself that the colors are "winter" colors with the exception of the nutmeg. I have a show in the spring, and I was wondering if many people change over to lighter colors for spring shows? Keep the same core colors n
  6. I’m waiting until the slip has dried enough to flip the mold over and it fall out; I’ve done this a lot before I did pottery, but the shavings from my pottery scraps just never seem to dry enough to get it out of the mold
  7. Hi all ive been keeping my scraps and use them to make slip from. It seems no matter how thick I leave it, I’m rarely successful at getting it dry enough to get it out of the mold? It never seems to dry; I have no idea what I’m missing. I tried adding a little sodium silicate to keep it mixed....any ideas?
  8. @liambesaw - what are those colors (the top picture) - they look cool - I really like the "farmhouse decor" style - which lends to reddish maroon, oatmeal, etc. - but not sure what I like the best - The other thing I am trying to consider - do I make / take a lot of holiday theme items? My fear there is that I will end up packing a bunch home until next year thank you all for the feedback - excited to get it all together
  9. Hi All, I was searching for the most popular glaze colors for 2019 (or trends) - I have done some shows, but my setup looked more like 1000 pieces of misc. pottery. I want to go back to a more "solid" look, and maybe have 3 sections (or 2) with only a combination glaze mix and/or solid color glaze (no layering) so my booth doesn't look so "Hodge Podge" I looked at the other newer post on the users first pottery show and how to display, but my question(s) are: 1) I was looking at coming color trends for 2019; they are gearing towards yellows, oranges, turquoise....does anyone ap
  10. One more.....can you put the glass on greenware and then fire to cone 06? Do you put it on Bisque and if so then do you fire it to a glass working range? Thank you all!
  11. Some funny, and great information! Thanks, can't wait to try it out!
  12. Some funny, and great information! Thanks, can't wait to try it out!
  13. WOW - THANK YOU EVERYONE... What I am wanting to try is using recycled glass, break it down into frit, and add that to small trays, tiles, and things like that nature. I know it can run, but I have no idea what the process is - meaning when I add the glass, is it typical to add clear glaze over the top? I don't even know where to start when working with this stuff, and I have no problem with my own experimentation, I just need a place to start - a general "how to". I will go back and read the posts that you all have suggested - THANK YOU...and I also did a "search" with no results- agre
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