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  1. Hi all. Thanks for your input. I actually wanted to use it as a body, not a slip, but our suppliers are now up and running again, so I have managed to get my stoneware. Big RELIEF!!
  2. Hi. I have a strange question. I got a bucket of dry mix from someone - the bucket says "white earthenware slip". I only work with stoneware usually. Can I change or adapt this to behave more like a stoneware- add more silica or grog. Is that a stupid question. Sorry about it, but these are desperate times and clay supplies are short.
  3. Thank you Min- I have most of those ingredients except the white bentonite. I am going to try it!
  4. Thank you so much for these links. will have some issues translating them into recipes that work with our S.African suppliers, but it is at least a start.
  5. These are strange times we are living through. Many changes ahead. Some good, some bad I guess. How to negotiate these as a Potter and ceramicist will be interesting. The access to resources is going to prove difficult. Our government may not consider any craft activities to be "necessities"- but they are not aware of what it means to be a home producer, fully independent, living outside the commercial hub of big industry, without access to foodstores etc. Only very few of our local potters are seen in major retailers.  My country, and indeed most consumers here rely on Chinese imported dinnerware which you find in every home store at extremely low prices. Until that changes, we will never be mainstream producers- suits me just fine, because I am retired, and do not rely on my Pottery for a living, but maybe the world is changing and us home potters will find a position in the mainstream after all. As long as I dont have to make toilets!

  6. Hello, Welcome to Old Farm Pottery. Still going under lockdown!

  7. Hayley I feel for you- I am i a similar position, having just started a studio in March for teaching and being shut down before I could even get started. But I am not in such dire financial straits as you appear to be. How about staging your studio time- allowing students in for an hour or 3 each- one at a time? Is that not possible.That way you get around the problem of social distancing. Put it to you staff and students if they would consider working in this way. I see no reason to feel guilty about that- it is common sense and no-one is at risk if you wear masks, and sanitise the area as much as possible before and after each person. We have to be able to adapt to the "threat" of this virus- learn to live with it, and make intelligent choices. I know Govt.s see fit to make a "one size fits all approach" to the problem but it is not conducive to living intelligently within those constraints and unless they resort to home policing, who is going to object if you start reintroducing people to your space slowly, safely and carefully. If you are really concerned why not put a flyer in the boxes of your neighbours around and ask them what they would feel if you allowed one student at a time. Just an idea. I dont know what the situation is like in your area. Luckily in my suburb we do not have police guards patrolling or anything. Hopefully that is unlikely to happen. I would be interested to hear your thoughts. And what others in this forum feel about this.
  8. Good morning all! Hope you are all still motivated in these strange times. My particular problem is that I have run out of clay! My supplier is obviously locked down, and who knows when they will reopen. So I am i dire straits here, I am sure some of you are facing similar situations. So i am appealing to you guys to help me mix up a stoneware type clay- or possibly share your recipes for a clay body. I fire to cone 5-6 and am familiar with stoneware but I have bits and pieces of old white earthenware slip, some potashes, and feldspars, kaolin, dolomite, bentonites etc. So I have some raw materials but not sure how to mix them together. Please feel free to contact me privately if you prefer: vk1@imaginet. co.a
  9. Hi all. Is it possible to glaze over a piece that has been terrasigged? Has anyone done this? I would be interested to see your results please! I am wanting to create a sculpture with some areas terrasigged and some glazed. All comments and ideas welcome!
  10. vivk


    Love the mix of glazes!
  11. looking for a yellow underglaze recipe without using mason stains


  12. Morning all. This is probably a basic question to many of you , but my Chemistry knowledge is not great and I would appreciate some help. Is it possible to change an earthenware clear gloss glaze (firing to 1100 centigrade) to a higher firing stoneware glaze (firing to 1200 centigrade) without knowing the formula of the original glaze. I am sure this question is answered in Digital Fire or somewhere on this forum, but I am feeling a bit lazy to search through- got too much playing in the studio to do!

    1. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Have you tried firing it up to 1200 and seeing if it works? Some glazes can have a wide 'workable' range. 

    2. Magnolia Mud Research

      Magnolia Mud Research

      I have used thin coatings of commercial earthenware clear glazes on bisque ware fired to cone 10(reduction) without problems.  The earthenware glazes matures (fully melted) at about the same temperature as bisque firing; this means that the ware surface is quite porous when the glaze melt forms and the melted glaze soaks into the surface pores.  The effect is generally a thin transparent covering with some gloss. The surface is visually smooth while the clay surface fine markings are still tactilely available.   Keep the application thin until you have data on maximum allowable thickness for your work and firing situation.     

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