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  1. It depends on the piece of equipment and the part. Many manufacturers of pottery equipment; wheels kilns, slab rollers, etc, use stock parts that are also used in the manufacture of other items, industrial equipment and more. I agree when it comes to elements. My experience with third party elements over the years has been inconsistent and years ago I decided to only use elements manufactured by the kiln maker. However, fuses, drive belts, bearings, motors, status lights, switches, insulated wire, switches, electrical connectors, and other parts are often available from other sources.. The
  2. Yes I do and I always have had hot and cold running water as well as a hose. My studio, The Potters Shop & School, is a working studio condo in the Gorse Mill Studios, an historic mill building that I renovated. I have a double sink with hot and cold water and hose. The sink is fitted with a flexible spray nozzle and Gleco Trap
  3. Friends In Clay,,,,,,Periodically it's a good idea for us to remind all forum users, whether you are an active participant, an occasional contributor, or a lurker, to always take advice, especially technical advice, with care. I have not doubt that everyone who gives technical advice is doing so with the best intentions, but you must do your own due diligence by doing additional research into your question. Then, test, test, test,,,,, best to all, Steven
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