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  1. Wonderful man and very nice movie! He was a big influence on me in the 70's. The idea now of me sitting cross legged to throw would kill my knees, it's still a pleasure to watch. That and seeing the chap knead 70 pounds of clay at one go. Thanks for sharing Chilly!
  2. Agreed. My friend's 20 or so year old Shimpo VL Whisper is quite loud now.
  3. They said they moved a number of times and the wheel 'sustained some damage' before its abandonment. Like the wheel, I haven't seen that friend again. Not that I'm bitter.
  4. My silliest, though, not the silliest of anyone ever. Certainly the most boring... I loaned my Brent C wheel to a 'friend' before I went traveling. Never saw it again. My new Thomas Stuart is on its way though.
  5. Agree completely and have been unsatisfied with the results of the polymers toners, not only because of vanishing in the fire, but they are very weak in the photolithography technique. Even as a slip resist it performs sub-par.
  6. Hopefully by October we'll be doing hybrid here at Antelope Valley College. Until then it's all Zoom. Pretty sad for both me and the students, as such. Demonstrations only go so far. It was a long day today with no students touching any clay.
  7. Thanks for editing Liam. Glad I held off responding to your comment.
  8. Not really my thing Jolly, but I just stumbled across this site in search of something else. Maybe it'll be of help. https://www.relyefpotterytools.com/fonts
  9. I used mine touring for a year or so, doing demonstrations. Quite handy for it's mobility and served my well. I know it says it's rated at 25lb but I think that's optimistic. I might have thrown 20lb at one go, but off the hump. Anyhow I hope yours treats you well Cameo. Looks like you scored.
  10. Thanks Mark. Sound advice, as always. I am probably being a bit of a cheapskate. Your purchases are beautiful.
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