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  1. Thanks for editing Liam. Glad I held off responding to your comment.
  2. Not really my thing Jolly, but I just stumbled across this site in search of something else. Maybe it'll be of help. https://www.relyefpotterytools.com/fonts
  3. I used mine touring for a year or so, doing demonstrations. Quite handy for it's mobility and served my well. I know it says it's rated at 25lb but I think that's optimistic. I might have thrown 20lb at one go, but off the hump. Anyhow I hope yours treats you well Cameo. Looks like you scored.
  4. Thanks Mark. Sound advice, as always. I am probably being a bit of a cheapskate. Your purchases are beautiful.
  5. That's the exact model of my first wheel from 1975. Cost me $350 or so back then. That's a long time for an entry level wheel to stay running in good shape. As you can see in your image the top is made of particle board so you'll have to check the shape that's in. I agree with Neil though I would start the offering at $100, going no higher than $150 You'll need to run this one and make sure the head turns true. Mine came from the factory a bit off and needed some nudging. Should work for throwing 10-12 lbs. or less. Good luck.
  6. Any chance of posting images on the finished firing? Would love to see.
  7. Interesting. I've not used Soldate 60. Thanks for clarifying. Actually, I don't use toilet tissue as a paper source either. Only shredded cotton inkjet paper so far.
  8. I've not made one myself just yet but apparently, yes, indefinite moisture maintenance.
  9. Today it rained. Yesterday it rained. Day before that, it rained. I like the rain but my tomatoes are treading water. So envious of you good folk with full on studios and kilns. I shall go now and roll another slab.
  10. Yes Pres, and thank you! Watercolor. From recent trip to Maine. Quite some time before I'm able to go back, so now, just remembering. Great desk project Mark! Nicely done.
  11. Ah, I found an image, though not even bisque fired. Hopefully it can show better than my 1000+ words.
  12. Lately I draw and paint. Typically with the intent of putting it on a pot. But sometimes not. Not as cool as knitting but sadly, I am an unskilled knitter.
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