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  1. oops- I forgot to include my name. John Eakin from Antelope Valley California
  2. I'm quite new here on this forum, having joined just this week. I read and post from a MacBook. Like Mark C I prefer the keyboard of my Mac whatever over an i-device. Unlike Mark I use an iPhone or screen grabs on the Mac for any photo posts. Someday I may make an exception and use one of my other cameras but not typically. Hope that helps and happy to be here.
  3. Oh, and please don't take my inquiry here as laziness. I scrubbed this forum and the web before I inquired if anyone has used it or has experience with it.
  4. Thank you kindly. I believe I will since I've been scouring their site and read of their willingness to answer questions just like mine.
  5. Thanks Neil for the quick and informative reply. My ceramic chemistry is not completely void but also not of the first order and I appreciate your helping fill it out. Zircopax is cheaper by a factor of about 3 but I'll keep the Mason White in mind for the instances you've described.
  6. I've been making and using slips with Mason Stains and came across a bag labeled Mason Stain White #1. If I need white porcelain slip wouldn't be redundant to add this? I've been searching the web and can find no entries specific to White, other than a tile sample from a few companies, nothing regarding usage or results. I'm guessing it's designed to be mixed with other stains to create subtler outcomes. I've attached the one and only useful bit I could find about it. Has anyone here used it to whatever purpose or have any experience with it? Meanwhile I'll be creating small tests with various applications of it. Many thanks!
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