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  1. A bit envious of your newly acquired square footage. Congratulations!
  2. This is helpful and I should have looked it up myself. Cleaning the work area today and now that's one more thing that can go away. Thanks!
  3. One more voice to the chorus. I just replaced mine, which had begun to solidify. Now to find a safe place to put the old batch.
  4. Agreed. When the paper burns away it will undoubtedly lessen the surface smoothness. Paper clay has some wonderful attributes but I don't think use with terra sig or burnishing come to the fore.
  5. Thank you LT! I suppose the cyanotype tree was very popular. I was not there when the kiln was unloaded and that one piece mysteriously disappeared. While I'm pleased someone is enjoying it I did want to see how it behaved in reduction. I've only got a few bisque tests so far. They turn a golden brown. Hoping and expecting the reduction will intensify on the next glaze firing, whenever that is.
  6. Ah, apologies for my misunderstanding then. These are from photographs I've taken. Some are turned into silkscreens, like these. Some become stencils. I also do actual photo processes like cyanotype on clay. Like the attached. Eventually, I'll come up with a process I can apply to something other than a test slab or tile.
  7. Nothing, if you put it like that. Demeter, on the other hand, was allegedly goddess of harvest and fertility. Andromeda was slated to be sacrificed to the kraken (not the Sydney Powell one). Apologies for offending your sensibilities.
  8. The closest effect I've seen to this is using mocha diffusion. oops. I see Min and Tom have already mentioned this while I slowly typed this out.
  9. I've discovered that the shellac needs to be applied to bone dry work. When I applied it to softer pieces the shrinkage differential during drying caused the shellac to peel right off. Also, sometimes I add an oxide directly to the shellac (like above).
  10. Can you get rubber cement in Egypt? That also works. Also, you have candles there, right? They could work in a number of ways.
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