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  1. @neilestrickUpdate: I got the plug out! However, the sleeve did come out with it. I have them separated now and they are both fully intact, although now I have to fix the sleeve and put it back in the kiln... It is actually the plug that came with the kiln. I've been using it without any problems but maybe it got pushed too far in last time. The kiln has not been fired in a week so it's room temperature at this point. Should I just try to tug it out? I haven't been using much force since I didn't want to damage the sleeve any more than it could already be.
  2. @neilestrick It is Paragon Dragon 24 kiln. Picture is attached!
  3. Hi all, After a recent glaze firing, my top peep hole plug got stuck. When I try to pull it out, the casing that it sits in starts to come out with it. Any advice? It's really in there for some reason.
  4. Thanks, Callie! I have never heard of that trick and I will definitely try that in the future. Grateful for everyone's expertise here!
  5. That makes perfect sense as the cause for the cracking. Thank you!
  6. @Babs The cracks are very smooth and clean
  7. Couldn't get the photo of the bowl with a larger crack to attach no matter how much I resized it but here is one of them.
  8. @Bill Kielb @Mark C. Here's the update! Thankfully not an explosion or shelf collapse. I think it was the sigh of relief heard around the world. What I did find, was that two of my bowls developed some pretty gnarly cracks. They didn't have any cracks during the greenware or bisque phase, and were very even. Curious about what could have caused this. My initial thought was that it didn't fully mature during the bisque fire and still had remnants of moisture. However, my other pieces were completely fine. Could this just be one of those fluke things? This was a different clay body than I have ever used so I am still working out the kinks.
  9. Hi Danny, Is this piece intended to be food safe? If not, and you wouldn't need to otherwise fire it again, I would say leave it. I've had similar experiences with plates and find it doesn't get worse through using it. Otherwise, I think you could try what you're describing, or even try putting glaze over the area and re-firing. If you go that route, be careful because I think that process could end up making it worse.
  10. A fallen shelf crossed my mind but I am really hoping it's not the case! That would be truly tragic. I will surely post an update here in case it proves helpful for anyone in the future. Thank you for your insight! Tunatown came from a couple of sources. My dear furry cat friend/studio assistant is named Tuna. It also happens that fish keeping is a huge passion of mine when I am not making pottery. Alas no fisherman here but rather a huge respect for the species.
  11. Thanks, Bill. Did you find that glaze splattered onto kiln walls or elements? I am hoping to avoid having to replace anything outside of kiln furniture if it was the case.
  12. Hi Folks, Looking for some expertise about a strange occurrence during glaze firing. My colleague was supervising the kiln through it's final ramp, and texted me to inform me that she heard a "big loud bang" at 2200 degrees. Has anyone heard of a piece exploding during glaze firing, let alone at this temp? She's not a ceramicist so I think it is possible she heard the relays switching and mistook it for an explosion- but that usually isn't something I would qualify as a big bang noise. If it helps, the kiln is electric with a digital controller and I am firing to cone 6. Thoughts? I will learn what actually happened when I open the door, but for now, I am too anxious for words. Thank you!
  13. @liambesaw thank you! Much appreciated
  14. Hi folks, Longtime reader, first time poster! I recently purchased a new clay body and have a (dumb) bisque temp question. The clay is a mid fire stoneware that matures at cones 5/6. I was planning to do a bisque firing at ^04 and glaze at ^6. Is this the right call? I am worried that I am misinterpreting the manufacturer's instructions, and that I should be bisque firing at cones 5 or 6. Any advice is welcome as I feel a little lame for being lost here!
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