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  1. If you are near Northern California You can drop by and have my 30 gallon mixer . It also has a drain and pump tom pump slip or glaze. I need the space back.
  2. A slip mixer is the same thing (leman is a slip equipment co.) A clamp on mixer is pretty easy to come by. I have one on a 30 gallon barrel which I used to make slip. If you are handy a conversion is easy.A harbor freight 1/2 inch drill with a long stainless mixer shaft with blades will do fine. My question is are you dipping or spraying the glaze? If dipping the mixer shaft needs to be swung away.If you are sprying then any container will do. Is your galze premed?Like I have a ton of glaze made for me at Laguna every 5 years (my recipe) and its shipped in 50# bags. I only have
  3. All good advice but if the wood does not work use a long steel flat punch on the inner seal wacking it a few times while moveing it aroiund the inner seal. The torch will help a lot when the outer metal expands. As John says sand that saft smooth 1st.
  4. I can see no reason to buy or use this machine. Just get a brute heavy duty plastic tub and and 1/2 inch drill with a large jiffy mixer with long shaft and make your own glaze in that.Saving about 600-to 700$sYou can buy a lot of glaze materials for that money saved. I make all my own glazes in 5 gallon buckets than seive it into larger buckets up to 25 gallons.
  5. Workbeanch had two glaze fires on it today (been glazing all day) now they are loaded and will fire tommorrow-thursday bench will have two glaze fires on it.The beat goes on-big fall orders getting filled.
  6. All my clay still comes with twist ties-Laguna Clay Co clay This must be a local deal in the midwest
  7. Just put the details in writing that you want and they do the same and you come to terms and sign it. I have two consignment stores left.I started doing this in 1973 with a few local shops. It was about 1/3 of my income now its less. I acually like to split my income streams and this is one way that has worked well for me. '1st let me say I have to TRUST them. As this only works on trust. I sell lost sof small stuff at one of the two outlets. One is 50/50 split they do all the pricing and send a check out every 15th of each month. I'm their #1 seller. I trust them and have been
  8. Stoneware is so forgiving-working with porcelain you get burned more.
  9. Its the feet as the slab and fgeet shring at same rate in a bisque and the glaze fire.Thoise small feet will drag and tear/crack on a slab the whole thing moves and the waster slab takes the tearing and sliding. roll or throw them thin . Not much clay at 1/8th inch or more. Its an easy thought pots shrinks and drags on a shelve-siting on a clay slab same thing but now pot is on a magic carpet /slab and the carpet takes the slide /abuse
  10. I can see why its toast as the design allows water into the top surface. By the look of that wheel I'm guessing you are in the UK or other side of the pond so finding a replacement will be thru a european distributor. Try to get whats called a sealed bearing. apply some loosening spray and let that sit. The photo underneath shows the bolts that hold it all together. You need to separate at that flange. Use a thin pry bar and do it carefully to drop that cap that holds it on (its the piece that the bolts stick thru)
  11. I have about 10 kiln logs in studio-most for the gas car kiln some for the salt kiln and some for the small updraft gas kiln-one on a clipboard on the wall near the electric as well. What I'm wondering is why I need to use this app. The books have worked well since 1972. Maybe so I can spend more screen time is all I come up with.I am far from married to a phone as its just a tool like a screw driver and spends lots of time in the box with the other tools. We have an older general electric toaster from the 50s and I have never considered keeping a log on it. Its the old cloth cord (heave
  12. I would spary bottle the crack with a mister and drop a little water with an ear syringe. I would forgo the pins 1st try and forget the clamps as seen in that vedio just hold the brick in place with finger presure a few mintues and it will set right up. I did this on a front loader a few years ago for friends -alot of fixing as it fell over off forklift when new on a small island in the pacific . The door was full of elements as well. Lot of fixing. Still works fine
  13. Bench is covered with orders for shipping out. mailbox (extra large box) is full with 5 boxes going out today. Packing UpS boxes today going to Colorada-Washinton and Arizona states also SF in Ca.. Made deliveries yesterday to 4 Organic super markets. another bisque on Sunday and glaze on Monday-business is off the charts for pre xmas I can feel already that I will get redlined on shipping this fall and may have to slow or shut it down so I can get work done. I knew this business was recession proof now I know its pandamic proof as well.You just have to get your stuf
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