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  1. @CactusPots I don’t have much experience with any of wheels yet honestly. I did use a Brent once at a local pottery place out here and it was very nice, but that was only once.
  2. Had my motor and circuit board checked out, and they found that my circuit board was the problem. He said it would be easier to just replace it, so I have ordered a new one and am waiting for it to come in now. Hope to get it working by the end of this week/beginning of next week!
  3. @neilestrick I’ll check it out tomorrow, that would be nice if it isn’t Laguna specific. So far I have only found it on theceramicshop.com. Laguna in California said I should send my board to them, but that is going to take much longer than I would like.
  4. I am trying to find a circuit board and pedal for my Pacifica gt400. I have only found one place other than Laguna that sells them. I live in Ohio, so if there are any stores/shops please let me know! All suggestions welcome!
  5. I had my friend look at and take my wheel apart today. He tested the currents and found that it is either my control panel or my foot pedal. I am going to check around town to see if I can find someone who will work on it for a reasonable price. My friend seemed to think that it should be an easy fix, so I am hoping that is the case!
  6. I called the Ohio number, but they said that the California branch deals with repairs/support so I called them. I called the California branch about 5 times yesterday and left a message. Maybe I’ll try the Florida branch today and have better luck. I will try both, hopefully I can get ahold of someone. @Mark C.
  7. I’m not afraid of anything @oldlady . I called yesterday multiple times and got their voice mail. I also left a message and no one has gotten back with me.
  8. I can’t hear anything or feel anything, but I’ll check it again tonight when I’m home from work @neilestrick. (I wouldn’t use WD-40 on a brushed motor, it leaves residue in your motor. It’s better to use an electrical parts cleaner.) My friend is going to check the electrical current on the control box and motor. I don’t mind replacing the motor or control box, but if I don’t need to replace both that would be great! Does anyone have any suggestions on places to buy replacement parts? I have found a few places, but was wondering if anyone had any better suggestions.
  9. I guess I will have to look into it more. I have a friend who is good with electrical. I will keep you posted! Thank you!
  10. Thank you for taking time to respond! I was finally able to take my wheel apart like you suggested. There is absolutely no noise coming from my motor. When I turn the wheel there is resistance one way but not the other. I also noticed that my motor has rust on it, so I am wondering if it sat damp for a while. The man that I bought it from said that it had sat for years in his garage.
  11. Thank you everyone! I am currently at work and have little service, but I hope to make it back in time to call Laguna tonight. Hopefully I can get it figured out, so I can order my parts. I will post an update tonight. I greatly appreciate everyone’s input/suggestions! (:
  12. I bought a used Pacifica gt 400 wheel for next to nothing today and it doesn’t work (I knew this when buying it) so I am looking for some advice. Power is on but the wheel doesn’t spin, belts are tight. The motor sounds like it wants to run but it seems to weak to turn. I am open to any ideas! (: I want to get it up and running so I can finally get started on my pottery!
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