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  1. It turned out better than expected. Definitely not perfect by any means, but it will do for now! There are lots of bubbles on the sides/edges of it. Thanks again. If I was going to fire my glazed stoneware (cone 6) would I do a similar firing? Slow down around 850-1050, then maybe medium rate before and after?
  2. I’m just now getting to 800. So after 1050° I should be okay to go a little faster till that last 200°? Since quartz inversion took place already, correct? That is true. Can’t do change anything now!
  3. Neil, thank you! For the cool down I was thinking something similar to what you said. For now I’m worried about the size and shape, the colors aren’t as much of a concern at the moment because she may want to change them anyway. For the initial firing I know it should be slow so that the glaze matures properly. I started the firing around 8am and it is already up to 500°... I have been turning it off and on periodically so it does not heat up too fast. Would 108° per hour till it reaches cone 05 be sufficient? At a rate of 108° per hour it would be 1886° for a final temp.
  4. My test kiln is completely manual, which is new to me. My full size kiln is automatic.
  5. Hello! I am in a bit of a predicament at the moment… My kiln is currently down because I’m waiting on a new thermocouple.. I have a business partner that needs a prototype ornament by Monday of next week (4 days). I am making the ornament out of white sculpture earthenware clay that fires to cone 06-04, the commercial glaze I have fires to 05. When talking to a friend he said to go ahead and glaze it once it was bone dry and single fire it. So, I went ahead and glazed my ornament after it was bone dry. I called the place that I get my supplies from to make sure I was firing my test kiln correctly, and he informed me that doing a single fire with the white earthenware was not something I should be doing... Is single fire okay for this ornament or should I scrap it? I know single fire isn’t uncommon, but I have never done it before. The test kiln is a Vulcan JK-1. I know these kilns fire much faster and cool down much faster than large kilns, so I am unsure how to fire it properly if I have a single fire piece in it.. Since my piece is single fire it needs a longer fire time, correct? How long should I fire for to get the best results?
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