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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am in need of some advice! I have a hobbytech 40 kiln with a kiln sitter LT-3K. I have been bisque firing my pots and they have been coming out amazing! (I always fire to the temperature that is on my clay packet using minibars) however I get to the glaze stage, I apply the glaze and let them sit for 24 hours, then I glaze fire. Everytime I take them out they start pinging/crazing, I want my pots to be food safe so I need help to get rid of the crazing. My clay I use is from the clay cellar I use either studio white or Buff body (smooth) earthenware and the glaze I use is Botz brush on. I don't know whether the firing schedule I have is wrong or whether the products I am using just don't fit together even though they are both earthenware based. I am still really new to all this so any advice would be amazing. I am also still playing around with the firing schedule so maybe this is causing the crazing? If anyone has a good firing schedule for glazing using the same kiln and kiln sitter that would be hugely appreciated!
  2. Hello! Im both new to this site and the wheel pottery community so bear with my rambling, sorry! Ive been making some tester pots and little cups/tumblers for fun to give myself a shot at wheel throwing [I’m more a miniature sculpture kind of artist] and everything seemed ok after the glaze firing for a couple of my pieces but a week later [today] I noticed a ton of cracks all over a tiny pot I under-glazed then glazed transparently and on a mini vase I made. Im not terribly upset by this, on the small pot the cracks kind of suit the piece but Im afraid the problem will persist with future pieces? im also new to this brand of premade glaze [botz stoneware] and have no idea what to do at this point. heres a photo of the smallest pot
  3. In the summer purchased a mug from an artist I follow on Instagram. Her work is incredible and I simply couldn't resist! She fires in a gas kiln and uses white matte glaze inside and out and also sprinkles pigments (I think) on top of the glaze. The effect is absolutely beautiful, the forms are organic, I can go on and on. But... After only a few uses I took her mug out of the dishwasher once and made myself another cup of tea (not a coffee drinker here), and my tea tasted like dish water. I looked inside and realized that the entire inside surface is crazed/ Probably the outside, too, but I can see the crazing clearly inside probably because the tea stained it. As a beginner potter who is only starting to mix my own glazes, I go out of my way to prevent crazing on my functional wares. I don't know if this artist is aware of what happens with the pots she sells and I've been mulling over reaching out and letting her know. I won't ask for my money back (although it would be nice, the mug was expensive and I can't use it anymore ), but should I tell her that there's a problem and she may not be aware of it?
  4. Hello all, wondering if you can help with a new problem. I’ve used the same earthenware body and brush on botz glaze for over a year no probs. I have an old sitter kiln and bisque to 03 then glaze at 05 this has worked till now... suddenly my pieces are crazing about a week or two after firing (not immediately). It’s shuddering for some reason. I am making slightly chunkier pieces, could this be why? Any ideas why this is now happening would be great!
  5. Hi there, Like many artists, I am currently transitioning from making pottery in a community studio to working at home which is a big adjustment with an even bigger learning curve! I'll be setting up my very first kiln in the coming weeks and now need to figure out (for the first time) what the best commercial glazes out there are for the clay I'm using. For now I am using Standard #112 clay, and I will also eventually be working with their #551 Porcelain (both cone 6). I will be firing in a Skutt Km818 electric kiln. I have two big questions. First, does anyone have any tips on good commercial glazes to use on the #112 for a good fit? I'm specifically looking for a simple & reliable black, white and/or grey (glossy or matte), as well as other simple colors like cream, peach, soft/pale greens, yellows and generally neutral, organic tones. I like the look of flat color, and not necessarily layering. I've noticed that Coyote's Enduro-colors are really lovely and just my taste but I have zero experience with this company. Does anyone use these glazes? Has anyone tried Standard Clay CO's line of glazes? I just discovered those exist. Lastly, since much of my work is done by hand-painting AMACO Velvet underglazes, I now need to find a good zinc-free clear to put on top of both these clay bodies. Ideally, I'd love to find a glossy clear that won't craze or make my underglazes designs smudge or bleed color. This is a very overwhelming undertaking as a first-timer, so I'd love some feedback and guidance! Thanks!
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