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  1. It sounds like you have a lot of experience firing kilns. And you have your own references when needed. You're set! You don't need the app! Nothing wrong with that. However that isn't always the case. - When I was learning, I couldn't find a log. And when I did, the log was incomplete for the most important parts of the firing. So I made an app. Strictly because I've always wanted to learn how to make an app. But also because making a kiln log app solved a problem I had, while allowing me to still "do ceramics" without having studio access. But as with all tools, you should use the o
  2. Hey Bill, Thank you! That's a solid spreadsheet you have there! I like the calculated graphs for firing rate/hour. Hey Hulk, Right on. Is it an electric kiln? I designed the app specifically for gas firings, but there's been a number of people who are still using manual electrics. (Personally I always did my best to avoid the one I had access too) So I think it will be something I try and support in the future! (Currently I'm working on a different app, but the goal is for both to intermingle). That said, The log doesn't support photos. But it does support notes per log, as well
  3. Hello, I recently graduated, but while I was in school, (and learning how to fire a kiln) I came across two common issues. The first was that everyone said to use a kiln log. (Although no one had a log handy when asked) And that the act of making a log was cumbersome. (To the point that when a log was found, the most critical data at the end was usually incomplete) So I taught myself how to code, and created an app to solve (my highly specific) problem! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/blaze-kiln-log/id1510609232 (Or search “Blaze Kiln Log” in the App Store) The app is c
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