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  1. help! ive just started to wax etching and underglaze on my pots and i havent biscuit fired yet. will the wax just burn off? will i get my colours and etching showing through?...
  2. Hi there, its good to be able to share. Im Kate and i make my own glazes and im wanting a pink glaze (purple, mauve, lilac etc ok) I inadvertently used magnesium carbonate instead of manganese dioxide:- potash feldspar 45 quartz 20 whiting 20 china clay 10 magnesium carbonate 3 (instead of manganese dioxide!!) pottery crafts say that cobalt carbonate with magnesium = purple (1-3% = blue?!) lindathepotter says that rutile has chromium in it and tin oxide added with less clay will give a light pink spruce crafts say that small amount of cobalt with magnesium will give purple. so, any ideas anyone on how much cobalt carbonate to put in with my magnesium carbonate?? thanks! Kate
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