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  1. Hi all- This may be a stupid question- I typically load and fire my kiln in the morning but sometimes it is inconvenient to take the time to load it in the morning. Would it be okay to load the kiln the night before and have the work sit in the kiln overnight to fire in the morning? My kiln is outdoors- not temperature or humidity controlled. Thanks!
  2. Thank you! So if I just rub out the bubbles the final product should be fine? Do you have any guesses why the dipping glaze has so many bubbles or is this normal?
  3. Hi! I am trying to use dipping glaze for the first time and running into some issues. I mixed 15 lbs of Mayco stoneware zinc free clear with the recommended 1 pint of distilled water to 1 lb dry glaze. I let the dry glaze slake and then mixed it. I left the glaze for about 2 days and came today to dip some pieces. The glaze had separated slightly so I mixed it again, wiped down my bisqued piece with a wet sponge and dipped it into the glaze for 1-2 seconds as the packaging instructed. The piece is covered in bubbles and the surface of my dipping glaze is also covered in bubbles. Is the glaze too thick? I added about 8 oz more of water to see if that helped but the bubbles are still there. Will these bubbles disappear once the piece is fired or will it damage the final product? Should I keep adding water until they dissipate or vigorously mix to see if they go away? Please help! Thanks
  4. Hi! I have run my used kiln several times now (cone 04 bisque and cone 6 glaze) with orton cones on each shelf and have noticed that my top shelf appears to be underfiring slightly. I haven't completely filled the kiln yet and only had work on the lower two shelves which seem to be firing up to temperature. I suspect that this is because I am leaving the top peep hole open. I have read that it is important to leave the top peep hole open but if that is causing the top shelf to underfire it seems like that will be an issue in the future when I want to fire a full load. Any advice on how to solve this? Thanks!
  5. Hi all! I am looking for a cone 5/6 clear dipping glaze that won't interact with underglazes. I've been brushing on Mayco's Stoneware Zinc Free Clear and had great results other than some weird texture over Spectrum's medium pink underglaze. I'm overall pretty happy with this clear glaze other than the fact that it is pretty time consuming to brush on the glaze- so I want to start using a dipping glaze. Does anyone have experience with a good and reliable clear glaze that is zinc free/won't interact with underglazes? I am looking at just purchasing the same Mayco Stoneware Zinc Free Clear or the Amaco Sahara Zinc Free Clear in a 25lb dry quantity but wondered if anyone knew of a better option. I'm an amateur potter and have never mixed dry glaze before so any and all advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Hi all! I just finished brushing clear glaze (mayco stoneware zinc free clear) to cone 04 bisqueware. A few of the pots have this weird cracking texture to the dried glaze. The cracking texture is only in places where underglaze is, which I applied before the pots were bisque fired. What could have caused this? Was the glaze applied too thickly? I am planning to just proceed and fire them to cone 6 but could this be a problem once I glaze fire them? Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much Neil! Would it be a good idea to unplug the kiln after it says it is complete?
  8. Hi! I just completed my first cone 04 bisque fire in a used Skutt KM 1027 kiln I recently purchased. I closely monitored the kiln throughout the firing it seemed to operate well and completed the cycle at the correct temperature. It is now flashing the 'complete' message and the time it took to get to cone 04 temperature. How do I know what the temperature is inside the kiln to know how well it is cooling or when I can open the kiln? The manual says that it should flash the complete message and then alternate between the elapsed time and the current temperature. Do I need to press stop or enter to get the current temperature to show? Thanks
  9. Hi all! I am a very new, amateur potter and am working to set up a studio. I recently purchased a used Skutt KM-1027 kiln from a retired art teacher. I was never planning on buying a kiln this large, especially just starting out, but it was too good of a deal to pass up. I have never operated a kiln on my own and am a little apprehensive about using it for the first time. I feel like it would be a good idea to run it once without much in it just to make sure that it works well and gets to the correct temperature. Is this logic correct? Is it okay to run a kiln semi-empty with only a few tester pieces in it or will the fact that it is empty impact the way that it fires? Additionally, I doubt that I will ever produce enough work to fill the entire kiln unless I wait months and months between firings. Will running a kiln when it is not full affect it long term? Thanks!
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