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I have an old Clay Boss wheel, not sure how old, maybe 15 years or so.  It has not had a lot of use and has sat for a few years.  My daughter was using it recently and said she felt it was off center, but not sure. It was definitely making a scraping noise.  I have not tried to center clay on it yet but I did take the guard off the bottom to check the belt.  The belt seems fine.  But the noise is constant.  It’s like it’s hitting something at the same spot during all the rotations.  I have sent a note to speedball to see if they have any recommendations, but thought I’d ask here.  I don’t think there any way to just lift the wheel head off without unbolting it, but I’m wondering if something needs cleaning.  I did take a video and when looking underneath it I did wonder if it was not super even when it was turning.  Any advice?

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I sent them a video and they said it sounds like clay under the wheel head and gave me instructions for taking it apart.  It will take a couple of people to do it, so I probably won’t be able to get to it for at least a few days.  I’ll let you know if it helps.  The sounds I’m getting is like something is scraping or brushing at the same spot each time the wheel goes around.  They did tell me to run it for 30 Min just to be sure the belt didn’t need to warm up after sitting for a good while.  I did even though my daughter had been using it a good bit recently.  It didn’t change anything.

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So no luck so far because my older model of this wheel has set screws holding the wheel head on and they are stuck!  I’m trying to drill them out.  Hoping to not have to replace the entire wheel head at some point.  Siiiiiggggghhhh.  This has become a big project.

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Hope you can get the set screws loosened/removed without damaging the threaded holes.

A drop of LiquidWrench might help - it dissolves rust/oxidation.
We've used heat to loosen threaded fasteners*; warming the surrounding metal  causes it to expand.
Tap-tap, some light percussion - a hammer*** - can help loosen the oxidation/rust.
Repeat the heat, the taps, the time while the LiquidWrench soak in thar...

Stubborn/broken threaded bits sometimes respond well to screw extractor type tools. I've had better luck with the straight tapers, e.g.

over the spiral type.
Be careful to drill the stuck part without damaging the threads in the surrounding material(s)!

Added: if the threads are damaged, "chasing" the hole with a tap might save it, else, if there's room to drill it out and cut new threads to the next largest size - that could save it.

*One must be very careful when using heat!
Not burning oneself, others, the shop, its furnishings and tools, check.
Add: beware generating fumes; beware changing the surrounding metal's temper; beware cooking any seal, bearing, grease, paint, etc.

***Tap-tap! Careful there, so easy to allow frustration to boil over and over-hit, heh.

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3 hours ago, Hulk said:

*Tap-tap! Careful there, so easy to allow frustration to boil over and over-hit, heh.

Never ever lost my patience …………… er sort of - I have also had luck when drilling to get a left hand drill bit for extra special frustrating  occasion to stack the odds in my favor.

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Drilling is the very very last resort-the PB blaster soaking for days then varouis mechanical tools would be my go to. Never had that fail ,heat before drilling for sure as well

drilling will screw up the threads so that means retaping to the next larger size. patience is whats needed here and I have little myselg except when it comes to the se situations .

The easy outs are the ticket as Hulk posted above -. Drill only the center-then soak it for a day or two then use the easy our-You tube this to see how if you do not have experience with tham

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I’ve tried everything to get these set screws out.  I tried some extractors but may try a different type.  If I get it all off I will be thrilled.  Heat is definitely risky because there are some plastic or composite parts.  So frustrating.

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On 3/21/2024 at 3:58 PM, Dizzygirl said:

I’ve tried everything to get these set screws out.

One thing comes to mind as possible and non destructive (so to speak) for extremely difficult bolts, etc we used to use an impact driver. Back in the day this was a very manual thing you pound with a hammer. Today cordless drill and driver sets are very common. If a hex key still fits, you could get an impact driver hex key and likely remove it with that. Amazon, harbor freight have some real cheap impact hex keys that fit todays drill / driver and you only need it to last for a couple removals. So if you have an impact driver or can borrow a friends and the hex key still fits, this may be a very good option. If the hex key no longer fits, they make impact driver extractors as well. 

If you drill this thing then only drill the center to fit your extractor and not to over-drill and damage the threads. Drilling this completely out probably creates the most work to restoring with a larger set screw and newly threaded hole.

Last piece, lots of study about penetrating oil, many favorites, rarely do they work on their own though. Most still require significant mechanical energy to get the thing moving so don’t get too discouraged. The impact driver just might give you enough mechanical advantage to free this up relatively easily.


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