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I thought both challenges left lots of room for creativity while still sticking to a theme. For example, a flowerpot inspired by spring was pretty specific and yet everyone's was vastly different! I think setting two guidelines gives a nice limit of range to the competition.



Lots of the ideas I would have said have already been shared here but I think these are different: 


1. Emotion: Happy, sad. Hungry. Home. Love.


2. Shape. (Oldlady's comment inspired this idea) You could say something like "a triangular functional pot". No other rules. It could be wheel thrown and altered, slab built, pinched. does this make sense? It could be shallow and plate like or a closed 4-D pyramid. Lots of wiggle room. 


3. It could also be a specific process, like a slab built plate or platter. Or a wheel thrown item with sgraffito decoration of some kind. Would that deter people, if they don't like that process? For me, a flower pot is not in my comfort zone so throwing one with an attached saucer was a good stretch of my ability. 


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The most valuable constraint in my first ceramics assignment was a height requirement. This challenged me to make pieces that were bigger and opened many doors. The current challenge (9 tiles) does this well in a different way. There is a fixed requirement within a very vast world of possibility. Also tiles make excellent wall art and help fill the often blank walls at a show!


An early university assignment that I wouldn't mind doing again: an organically inspired piece that is 12" (30 cm) or taller.


Does a piece get rejected for being 11"? Nah... just working at this scale is enough.

It can be done on the wheel with alterations (not decorations) or hand built.

Seed pods, vegetables and gourds are excellent starting points.

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The Houdini Challenge:


Make a sculpted piece of 6 or more pieces that when assembled one way it has this appearance. Then if assembled another way, it looks totally different. Or, a painted surface of several pieces that look one way, and then rearranged look like something entirely different. Sad thing is, even though this is my idea: do not know if I could pull it off.


Bait and Switch:


Pair off in teams of two: each member of the team has totally different aesthetics and designs. One member makes a piece in their style, and the other one has to replicate it and vice versa.  Good way to make ourselves learn something new.



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I hope the next challenge will avoid too specific a goal.  I participated in a couple, but I just wasn't interested enough to devote time to a specific form that was narrowly defined.  And at the moment, not interested in tile, though I've made quite a few over the years.


I tend to find the more nebulously defined challenges more thought provoking.


Still, my suggestion is the albarello, or medicine jar.  It's a simple form, but can take many shapes and if we're not sticklers for authenticity, many decorative approaches.

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I reached my quota of "likes" on the first page! :(

I am a newbie here, but I really like the idea of the community challenge. Although everyone might not participate for various reasons, it is inspiring to think about the challenge and can influence the direction you are going. Isn't that what community does? Thank you for working on this!

How about things that inspire people - in form or function, with or without words.

Most obvious would be a cross or a shot glass ( :unsure:), but go beyond that?

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I'd like to see people choose one form ... Bowl, mug, vase, container, casserole ... And execute the form several times using different techniques ... Throwing, coiling, soft slab building, firm slab building, slump molds, hump mods, pinching, free form ... Whatever. Just test how many ways you can get to where you are going.

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Or even using the same technique/process in different ways to arrive at the same form. Ex. bowl thrown upside down and right side up, thrown with texture applied before shaping, thrown with texture after shaping, Thrown with double walls, thrown with colored combinations of clay, Thrown in multiple parts, Other variations I am sure are possible.





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