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How about something that doesn't require a huge commitment of time...like a sketch problem:



  • Take enough clay to make a 1" cube (2.54 cm)...and take a picture
  • Make something functional/whimsical from the cube
  • Take progress pictures and share
  • Post final project with an appropriate cubical-functional-whimsical title
  • Send 25 cents to my PayPal account

OK...everything except that last bullet-point :)

-Paul :)

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Still massaging the sketch problem concept:


Not-a-Handle Handle


From a 1 to 2 lb clump of well-wedged (or pugged) clay:

  • Pull a very long handle
  • Make it a little longer...maybe 18" to 24"
  • Without breaking or cutting into sections...
  • Create a form that is NOT a handle.
  • Give your creation a sniglet-like title

-Paul :wacko:

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I really enjoyed doing the challenges but I have stopped running any. I felt they had run their course as participation was dwindling and my ideas were not bringing people in. I had fun trying it out and thank you to everybody who joined in but don't feel bad if you didn't. 


Anybody is more than welcome to take up the community challenge torch and continue.

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Or... make something out of your own mix of clay with a flame-ware recipe from scratch (no buying ready-made clay) , then make some type of food with it -so, start to finish - raw material to finished food item made in the flame-ware. ( cross between pottery throw down & great bake-off)


(I've been wanting to learn how to make flame-ware)

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I'm a better organiser than I am a potter.  If no-one else wants to take this on, I will.

Looks like you volunteered there Chilly  :D and feel free to modify the format as you like. 


I always felt the results thread was putting some people off and 50/50 on if it was needed anyway.

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I felt like the results thread was a nice place to see all the work finished, but I also liked seeing the works in progress posted on the actual topic. I feel like the results thread was a lot of extra work for you Joel and we should have just posted our works in progress and final pictures as went in the same place. 

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  • 8 months later...

This activity ran its course quite  a while ago.  Bottom line, only a small number of people participated over time and each round garned less attention. It was fun, a great idea, but like most things, had to be maintained, with people responsible for keeping it current and ongoing--a bit of a burden with the low particpation a factor, so I think it just died a natural death. 

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"Repeat ware" is my current (self)challenge.

Looks like some of the small studio folk roun' heah do repeats, some don't. I want to learn the control to do repeats if/when I want to - mugs, tumblers, bowls, plates, vases, lidded jars - all that ...expecting to see improvement by Xmas.

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