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  1. Why I buy my pyrex, corning and revere ware at the thrift store. This is helpful info, I thought I was doing pretty good when my big crab and seaweed baking dish survived the freezer to 400 f oven test. Perhaps I should change to a more rounded bottom in future attempts.
  2. No I offered it in complete sincerity. Clearly my personal experiences with teachers has been pretty lousy (although MS. Kim at CR was a rare exception <3) -as I've often described in my posts my usual experience when I asked a question in class was to be ignored or worse yet, quickly understood that I already knew more than the teacher thanks to self-study. My current teacher is now on vacation for two weeks AFTER class has started...rather than fill the page with useless, unwanted observations let's just say the trend continues. When do I get my money's worth? What's the point o
  3. Some points, although I think I've ground my views on this topic into the ground already. ..I feel quite salty ATM, so: Suggesting studying or doing ceramics is "Hard Work" is funny. Anyone who thinks that has never done any actual hard work. If college were available to everyone who deserves to go, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Of course all artists want to learn and take advantage of available resources, but they're priced out. Even sucky college classes would probably be worth it just for the connections you'd make with the art community and other benefits. Poor is rarely
  4. Why is this important not to do? Is it expansion or something to do with cooking unevenly?
  5. Busy with pottery class assignments. Trying my hand at slipware there and at home. 

    1. JohnnyK


      Are you going to be making your own molds too, or just getting a feel for the process? Have fun either way!

    2. yappystudent


      By slipware I meant slip decorating. That's what they call it on Youtube searches, oops. At any rate it's good fun, TY!

  6. At the mart with walls I bought a little flat plastic aquarium heater made to bury under the gravel of betta tanks. I use it to heat a 5 gal aquarium divided into two halves. It barely puts out enough heat to keep both sides around 75 f, you couldn't possibly burn yourself on it but I suppose you could light up like a Christmas tree....
  7. I've only tried a few brands but settled on mostly Duncan concepts because they do a few things reliably well: intermixing, -I have a nearly complete palette of oranges, greens, browns, grays, mauves, etc; also working well up to cone 6 albeit with differences in finish. They get a satin finish at ^5 so I can skip the overcoat. The colors are bright with a few exceptions: I can't achieve a magenta (the chip at the store looked pretty good) probably thanks to not venting my kiln. Purples, pinks of any kind are bit more puce/mauve ranged but still pleasing. Certain colors on black clay at ^6 are
  8. TY for the ideas. I hadn't thought about drying it flat outdoors.
  9. Do you wash new canvas fabric before you start using it for rolling slabs? Cotton tends to shrink so IDK if it's a good idea to start putting wet clay on it without washing and drying it first...
  10. OK, confused again after some online research about cookware: What's the pro's and con's of cone 10 stoneware or porcelain as compared to low fire .03-.04 terra cotta or low fire white clay for that matter? I thought low fire was the way to go in regards to temperature stresses for culinary purposes, but makes for a more delicate piece in regards to say, dropping or knocking a metal spoon against the rim, and stoneware/porcelain is tough overall but might shatter freezer to oven. Story: one of my mom's Noritake soup bowls at room temp, split neatly in half when I poured near-boiling wat
  11. Let's face it, I do it for the attention from other potters.
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