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  1. Thank you, all. I will reach out to Jenken - I did when I first got the kiln, and they were friendly and helpful. I missed the label with the kiln model when I first got it, and they figured out the model with just a picture (the label wasn't in the picture). They sent me a general kiln manual, but not one specific to my kiln - I imagine it is old enough not to be in PDF format. It is not vented. I had to have the garage door and the side door open when it was running. I've looked into venting, and lots of information on the subject of venting. Ultimately, I think I DO want a n
  2. Good morning! I'm new here, so if this is in the wrong place I apologize. :o) I'm getting back into pottery after many years - I've been going to a community studio/class for the last year, and I'm now setting up studio space in my garage. I have a wheel and a kiln - sort of. The kiln is a Jenkins D-118 (w/Kiln Sitter model K), measures 18x22 inside. I bought it for $100 from someone who found it in an abandoned storage locker, so I don't have any real information on it. It does fire - it gets hot enough that it heats up the garage, and the elements inside glow white-hot when I
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