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  1. Thanks for all the comments and help! I tried firing again this weekend and used alumina beneath a new dish I made, to great success!!!
  2. Thank you so much for these insights! Will try looking at it and paying close attention to this when I get home! I think I understand what you mean.
  3. Not sure about the question of the crack/glaze, but attaching a photograph that maybe shows it better. As for the cooling, once it's reached 1240˚C I let it at that temperature for 15', and after that let it cool all night, opening once it's reached 100˚C or less (it was 90 something when I opened it, if I recall correctly).
  4. Here's the closeup! From all the comments I'm getting, seems to me it has to do with separating a bit from the bottom next time (either alumina, grog or some wadding). Also the tension as the form moves while cooling, so will check the times for that as well... And placing it on the topmost shelves rather than bottom... Thanks a lot!
  5. Thanks for the input! I think the walls and bottom were pretty consistent in thickness (it was slab built), so don't think the issue lied there, but the change in directions of the form -almost 90degree angle from base to walls makes sense to me as a possible cause of trouble. Will try "spreading" the sides next time to create a slant angle. Also put something beneath it for the firing seems to be a predominant idea. Only have to figure out the Spanish for alumina (I know grogg is "chamote", but not sure about alumina). ☺️ Also might try to throw this shape, rather than slab buid, m
  6. thank you so much! YES, will definitely persist until I get it right!!! It was so much fun to make, and so good for my practise on being patient, ha! I actually have a new one drying to bisque fire next week or the other, so will be more careful in the future.
  7. It was split like that, it's actually not all the way through, it's like it split open... I'm attaching another photo to see if it shows better. Thanks!
  8. Thank you! hmmmm, yes, no stilts! I Just started doing the "dish" thing, so I'm very new to this. And I'm basically trying to self teach myself ceramics on the weekends. Anyways, maybe I need to get some of those? I fired it directly on a shelf. I do have tripods for dishes, but tried that before with a rather thin dish and it curved... So I thought it was best to lay the dishes directly on the shelf! I will try to figure out the Spanish word for "stilts" (I'm from Argentina) and get me some :p It's awfully sad when things survive all the previous steps, only to go horribly wrong in
  9. Hello, this is my first time posting here, so hi to everyone!! I see this post is from a couple of years ago, but I'd like to -if possible- get some help regarding this same issue. I had cracks on two pieces that I was really looking forward to, and this was during the second, firing. I thought they were safe since they survived their bisque firing so beautifully they're stoneware, and fired on an electric kiln to 1240˚C I'm attaching a photo of one of the pieces, a tart dish (the leaf on the background is the other cracked one, but you can't "appreciate" the crack from the photo).
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