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  1. Looks like only one row of bricks all around? Or its not a good picture?
  2. looks like I have to find a Canadian store that sells core-lite kiln shelves Anyone recommend a store to email?
  3. doing lessons online is great - you can really appreciate that distance is needed after you have read articles like this https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2763852 -also makes you realize why masks are essential
  4. fantastic article Marcia! I got a hold of Arne Ase's book from the university here and saw the endless varieties of colour you can obtain from the soluble salts plus the high fire capability with porcelain but your work is interesting to see how to use it at lower temperatures than his work. You must have a gas kiln to put the saggars in right? I'm down to a small electric and an outdoor raku kiln - so I probably can't try it now - dam!
  5. Looks nice. Wonder if I can sub OM4 for XX Sagger as that is what's in my cupboard.
  6. I never made much on Etsy and by the time I get on to a new venue, (shopify?) maybe the vaccine will be ready???? I could use something ironic like that now. But I will try again - I saw an article about shopify's share price doing better but that doesn't reflect how people that sell on it are benefiting, just how many of us are trying to go online.
  7. I agree with you that its best to wait for longer. I am wary of a second wave and I see people out on walks not caring how close they get to others. When we walk, we try to cut cross country in parks to keep our distance. The snow is finally starting to let up here and we can get some fresh air now and its been therapeutic to walk as we have been in mourning for my mother's passing. My husband is recovering from a heart attack from last fall and he still has problems and is high risk. I hope people can care enough to do the right thing and take it slowly and carefully to try to get back to normal - don't think I can handle two funerals this year. and pray for a successful , rapid development and deployment of a vaccine.
  8. I haven't been on the forum for awhile - trying my hand at hand building. Fear (& I hope not loathing) after I fire these things! Its a lamp, drying upside down & its bigger than the ones I throw on the wheel.
  9. I've had some issues with various plainsman's clays too lately - some too dry, some too wet. Wonder if they are having production problems?
  10. Definitely go and see for yourself!!! Find out about air bnb's near Alfred and hop on a plane to go see - maybe line up some prof's to talk to but not admissions until you're ready Then go south to Berkeley and check out their art department & maybe join a studio down there for a bit to meet other potters. Did you read Ceramics Monthly this month? Head over to Heath and talk to others about what happens in industry- line up someone to talk to first. The CM article has names & I'd bet someone from that article would have advice. Do some research and line up other places to check out - its really important for you now. If you have financial help there's Stoke on Trent in Britain for apprenticeships, etc. So many options and choices!!! This expense is an investment in your future - you're so young - sigh - wish I was there again.....
  11. We made the tube shaped plaster forms right on to the lathe chuck. Then while the plaster was just set enough to handle, we put them on the lathe and started turning the shape, saving enough at the end to make a spare too. No dust, just crumbs of wettish plaster all over the place and the tools - lots of fun to clean up. There is a separate plaster working area where the lathe is- its kept away from the rest of the pottery - remember? Wish I had that lathe!!!
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