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  1. Looks like only one row of bricks all around? Or its not a good picture?
  2. looks like I have to find a Canadian store that sells core-lite kiln shelves Anyone recommend a store to email?
  3. doing lessons online is great - you can really appreciate that distance is needed after you have read articles like this https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2763852 -also makes you realize why masks are essential
  4. fantastic article Marcia! I got a hold of Arne Ase's book from the university here and saw the endless varieties of colour you can obtain from the soluble salts plus the high fire capability with porcelain but your work is interesting to see how to use it at lower temperatures than his work. You must have a gas kiln to put the saggars in right? I'm down to a small electric and an outdoor raku kiln - so I probably can't try it now - dam!
  5. :ph34r: -28C, colder tonight

    thanks Siberia

    1. Min


      I thought we were cold at -8C here. Stay warm.

    2. JohnnyK


      And here I thought it was cold at 40FB)

  6. Hope all goes well!

  7. short person (me) + tall kiln = leaning over too much to reach=

    very sore ribs. :(

    Took about 1 1/2 months to heal.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. terrim8
    3. Denice


      I am not too short just getting old.  I put a false floor in my electric.   I laid old firebricks with space between them on the bottom being careful not to cover my vent holes and then a shelf of top of the bricks.  The shelf was one that had broken in half  so I made sure it had a nice gap.   I called Skutt about it and they said they didn't think it would fire properly.  I think it fires  more evenly than it use do.   I have a dual pyrometer and really had to adjust for a cool bottom and hot top.  Now there is a minor difference.   Denice

    4. terrim8


      sometimes things work out for the best!

  8. drying a large slip cast item - still in the plaster form- is it better to leave it upside down to drop out or will it dry faster right side up?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. terrim8


      It seems to dry/absorb so slow- its still in there! It was the right SG too so I'll keep it right side up . I may have complicated it all by having a paper-plaster mix behind the solid wall.

    3. JohnnyK


      Can you send some pix?

    4. terrim8


      with the next try-  decided to start again- back to the model to remove any imperfections so it will be totally smooth & then I'll insure its a smooth one-shot pour for the plaster.


  9. I burnt hand in the kitchen again! I'm getting a set of protective raku style gear for the kitchen :angry:

    Plus its such a bad time to have an injury!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. terrim8


      I hate cookin. Problem is I like eatin. :(

    3. oldlady


      so do i.  proof is making potato salad from the pot of potatoes that i forgot and let burn .   sorry looking potatoes with half an inch of black burned skin and meat make fine food when the black is cut off.   don't know what to do with the pot.

    4. Hulk


      Hope you feel bettrsoon terrim!

         ...soak that pot, soak it goood

  10. My wheel acts up too - its a pacifica. I should try to rewire the foot- just been too lazy to try. They have some new shimpos at the studio I belong to - they are sooooo nice
  11. moved the wheel back into the basement from the outdoor shed.

    any other cold weather people starting to get cabin fever yet?

    It's a real thing :blink:

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    2. Pres


      Snow and ice here in PA, seems like one storm quits and another is behind it. 4hrs a day shoveling and scraping just isn't fun.




    3. JohnnyK


      Maybe you folks can build snowmen and creative with your carving tools to make it interesting...:).

    4. Pres


      Spend too much time in the snow as it is. The ice is granular, and not very carvable. It does not pack, and is very heavy. What bit of snow is there is between layers of the ice.


  12. It's a bit chilly here this week and my wheel is in a shed that is outdoors with a gas heater. -27C so maybe I should think of something else to do.

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    2. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      Oh you're trying that too, eh? I started mine at about 1. 

    3. oldlady


      terri, were you ever a weatherperson in florida???  their vocabulary list contains only two words,  "chilly" or "warm".  it is NEVER cold or hot.    i think your temp reading places you in the definitely instantly freezing category.

    4. terrim8


      should have said "a tad chilly" like the Brits :unsure:

  13. Thanks! Going to try a small one myself first though. I'm not a production potter so It'll be a one -off for me
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