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Try and throw black ice porcelain higher than a few inches.

incredible end results with glazes but I literally laughed out loud at how obnoxiously hard this clay is to throw. The fact that it is labeled as an “excellent throwing body” makes it all the more funny yet annoying. Even letting it stiffen up does nothing to get it remotely workable on the wheel. 

So any potter that can throw this any sort of height I would pay to see a video of.

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I'm stuck in on mid range (5/6) stoneware - may never get around to trying porcelain.

This thrower is getting some height on a bowl - perhaps a rather thick bowl - still:

(1) Watch | Facebook

This thrower is getting some good height (not particularly great height) from just under 600 grams o' clay:

BLACK PORCELAIN! Making Ceramic Cups & Glazing - Hobby Potter - YouTube

There's a five year old thread in this forum where Mr. Fireborn described liking the Black Ice, at first, then liked it less later on.



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Hi, guys!
I manage a pottery account on Instagram called Fourier Ceramics and we're starting to share the stories of other potters. (It's  free promotion).
If you want to promote your IG and have recently tried a new tool, want to share pottery tips, or attempted to try a difficult/new shape. Fill out these forms and we'll share your story (we'll obviously credit you).
I can't wait to read yours.
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