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  1. I would say: 3 4 1 4 not so sure about question no.4 though.. Hmmmm...
  2. Here are a few possible questions (I didn't read all the other suggestions, so it is possible that one or the other is already mentioned): are you doing archetypal or traditional forms? have you ever been inspired by Ikebana to do vases? is "history" important in/to your work? what art qualifications do you have? is there a person in your life (doesn't have to be a potter) who influenced you or your work? what does success mean to you? what are the most important design elements? are you using 3-D printers? is your work related to your envi
  3. @ Mark: very interesting life! If you need tips for Taiwan: I am your man (ehm, well...) As you all know, I was a piano teacher in another life. Never liked teaching much because I was always so furious when I noticed that the students didn't practice properly. Then clay came into my life. First as a therapy for my hands, than as a rescue for my soul. I am hooked and I can't imagine a life without clay anymore. I am sure I will pinch a small bowl on my deadbed.... But I am still living and want to do so until I am at least 107 years old. My journey in clay has taken me to flying again. I
  4. I am not sure if it was "the perfect pot" but I have a few objects that got "accidentally" like they are now. But I am not the best thrower anyway ;-)
  5. I really don't know the answers to the question but I am happy to be back in the forum. That's something!
  6. I can't enter the Operations and Benefits threads anymore. It says I use the wrong password. But I have only one (1) with which I sign in to the forum with no problems. Help anybody??

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    2. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Thanks for any help! I appreciate it.

    3. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Solved! Steve Hecker helped. GEP, is it solved for everybody now?


    4. GEP


      Yes, it is fixed for everyone now. Thank you, Steve!

  7. Oldlady: thank you for the welcome! Glad to be back in the forum and with my friends. Maybe Internet and GPS and whatnot aren't so very good inventions. We all lose the ability, for instance, to find our way through a city by reading schedules of trams, busses, trains; orient ourselves through our brain-compass and through landmarks, maybe even determin your position to the position of the sun... I know it sounds medieval, but this knowledge is important! I know of a chauffeur to a big shot here in Switzerland who not even knows in which country he is, driving only ever with one eye on the
  8. Carlo Zauli (Faenza-Italy) Prof.Dr. Gaetano Ballardini (Faenza) Hans Coper (Germany) Robin Hopper (Canada) Eva Zeisel (Hungary and USA) Otto Lindig (Germany) Horst Kerstan (Germany) Edmund de Waal (UK) Roberto Lugo (USA) "this machine kills hate"... Lotte Reimers (Germany) Will think of more.....
  9. I can speak only for Switzerland. We have 3 major schools which are doing basic education in ceramics. I am project leader of the Cheongju Biennale in Korea this year and I organize the participants for Switzerland. I wanted to give students the opportunity to exhibit abroad, so I accepted 20 student's applications (they just graduated after 3 years of school). Then it started: they had no idea how to calculate an insurance value, no idea of transport modes, packing, customs papers, photographing their object for the catalogue, no idea how to write a biography. I had to teach them via "lea
  10. I am still alive and kicking! Back from Asia and then from internet-less Italy. Thank you all for asking how I am doing! Love to all of you!!

  11. Joel: I can understand your frustration. At one point too I had to stay out for 2 challenges because of lack of time and then the hand surgeries. But I think it sad that the Community Challenge stopped. Maybe Mistfit wants to take over? Mistfit? Helooooooo??!
  12. Joel and everybody: did the Community Challenge stop? I never saw the December one... Joel, are you demoralized? I would love to awaken the Challenge again. What do you all think? Joel, would you try once more? You did an outstanding job so far! Evelyne
  13. Found the right pic. Is there a picture of the finished (washed and maybe waxed) piece? How long are you firing?
  14. Dear friends. Thank you all very much for your prayers and positive thoughts. I love you!! Surgery went well but this time I had problems with the anesthesia and so I am not really up to par yet. But also this will pass. I am looking forward: now that I had surgery on both hands, everything can only get better. I am glad that I am not a squid... haha. See you soon again... Hugs

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    2. Tyler Miller

      Tyler Miller

      Glad to hear you're on the mend!

    3. Min


      we are glad you are not a squid too! glad to see you still have your sense of humour

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