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  1. Hey everyone! Bet y'all thought I kicked the bucket or fell off of the face of the earth or something? Nope. Still kicking. Just stopped by to say high and that I hope everyone in having a great summer. Will try to swing back by here in a few days...or whatever....Always thinking about y'all!

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    2. Min


      So glad that it sounds like things are going well with D.!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Joseph Fireborn
    4. Marko


      Welcome back.

  2. Hey y'all! How's everyone else doing? I finally have GREAT news! My beloved husband's cancer is finally reacting to the chemo therapy that his oncologist has put him on. Third time's the charm, eh!?! YAY!!

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    2. glazenerd


      My beast hope, thoughts and prayers for you family. Glad to see some good news for you both.

    3. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      Thank you all, for your kind words and warm thoughts! It means more to both of us than you may ever know! THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

    4. Denice


      Yea the fight goes on.

  3. You don't really have to pop the cured slab out of the box, Pug. The main reason for doing so is to prevent small bits from flaking off and getting into your work. If you clean up the slab in place, let it dry thoroughly, and there are no small bits around, you should be safe in just leaving it in the box. As dear old dad always said...."Work smarter, not harder"
  4. I used straight up, old fashioned POP that I got from Home Depot, Pugaboo. I've had zero problems with it, even in my very large (by my standards ) damp box. Just be sure to pop the slab out, once it has set of course, and clean off any residual bits that splash up on the sides during pouring into or mixing in the box. Then take a sure-form, or something like it, to clean the rough edges of your slap before placing back in the damp box. I use a simple green scrubby pad for this and it works just fine for my purposes.
  5. Is anyone else not liking the new sign in page, besides me? There's no "Remember Me" option in which to keep myself logged in. Very annoying!

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    2. GEP


      Amy, the forum does not automatically log you out. Do you have cookies disabled on your computer? If so, then try enabling cookies.

    3. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      I haven't changed a dang thing, GEP. The change came from CAD. It used to be so easy. Stop by, see what new vids are up...then trundle on in to here. For crying out loud people! If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!!! >:(

    4. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      I took your advice Joseph. There's more than one way to skin a dead cat, I guess. I just don't like change all that much....creature of habit. That's ME! ;)

  6. SNOWWWW!!! Glorious SNOW!!!! Yes! I have SNOW!!! :D About 4 inches of WONDERFUL SNOW!!!! :D

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    2. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      Never fear, Guinea gal! More is forecasted for tomorrow night!! Weeheeheeheee!!! Although, my back is just killing me after having taken care of the entire driveway! :P

    3. Denice


      No snow in the future I'm Okay with that. Suppose to be 62 today even warmer tomorrow.

    4. alabama


      Amy, you're welcome to my share of snow that falls my way!!!I've seen it a few times which satisfied any curiosity!

  7. Totally loving my new shrink gage ruler that I bought from Axner. Just hold it up to a piece that is similar and size that I want to make and make my work to that size! No more scrapping something because it's too big or, as is usually the case, too small! Weeeheeheeehee!!!

    1. GiselleNo5


      I need this! Sounds amazing!

  8. Ordered me up a pair of measuring rulers that take into account shrinkage! Can hardly wait for them to arrive!! :D

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    2. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      Axner has them. And I just got an email notification this morning that they're out for delivery TODAY!! If it weren't so freaking cold, (just 3F this morning!) I'd park my butt next to the mail box and wait for them!!! Hahahaha! Maybe I'll just spend my morning in cleaning the studio until they arrive. Lordy knows it could use it!:P

    3. GiselleNo5


      Then you'll be all ready to play when it comes and you won't go crazy waiting.

    4. Denice


      My shrink ruler is from Creative Industries in El Cajon, CA. It's 6 and 10% on one side 12 and 14 on the other. It's a fat plastic ruler. I have seen it listed on ceramic stores on-line. I bought mine at the Fort Worth NCECA.

  9. I has SNOW!!! Happy dance! Happy dance!!! :D

    1. Pres


      Not to be rude, but you can have it. . .

    2. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      Thank you! I'll take it! We're in our 4th year of drought. If we don't get a ton of snow this winter, I shudder to think how bad the fires might be come summer....not to mention the agriculture needs, as well as the needs of people and wildlife. We REALLY need every drop of rain and flake of snow we can get!!!!!

  10. I have declared the upcoming week to be MY week to get back into the studio. After nearly 4 days without power (thanks a peach there, Mother Nature!) and numerous doctor appointments, surgery and recovery time for my beloved husband, after Monday's doctor appointment for him, I'll finally have the better part of the whole week to myself and my studio!! Finally! MUD TIME!!!

    1. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      That storm was absolutely INSANE. David and I drove from Cheney to Davenport in that mess and it was SCARY. D:

    2. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      Thankfully, I didn't have to drive anywhere at that time. Glad you got home safe. How many tumbleweeds did ya have to dodge dear lady?!

  11. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this pulled handles business! :D

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    2. Evelyne Schoenmann
    3. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      Tell me about it! I think I made more slip than actual handles! :P LOL!

    4. alabama


      Pulled handles are the best. I've seen handles thrown on à wheel, rolled on à table, and of course extruded. I'd rank them 1. Pulled, 2. Extruded, 3.rolled,4. Thrown.

  12. But at least now you know. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  13. I think I understand your mind-set Doc. I'm a "waste not, want not" kind of gal myself. Even if it were FREE, I'd still find a way to revive/reclaim/recycle/reuse whatever it is ..... If it's a water based resist, maybe try adding water and let it sit for a few days....see if you can then stir it up with a whisk or one of those little stick blenders. Failing that, maybe try heating it up a bit. Sometimes things rehydrate better when they're warm or hot. Best of luck. Let us know what you find out.
  14. Chicken coop cleaned? Check! Grocery shopping done and put away? Check! Now it's ME time. Look out studio. Here I COME!!!! :D

  15. Happiness is a squeeky clean studio. Yay ME!!!

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      I am waiting til I get ready to go away for 6 weeks. Then I can come back to a clean studio with new ideas.


    2. GiselleNo5


      Whoo! On Wednesday I spent three hours in mine. I avoid it like the plague but when I clean a burst of creativity always follows. :)


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