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  1. Hey everyone! Bet y'all thought I kicked the bucket or fell off of the face of the earth or something? Nope. Still kicking. Just stopped by to say high and that I hope everyone in having a great summer. Will try to swing back by here in a few days...or whatever....Always thinking about y'all!

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    2. Min


      So glad that it sounds like things are going well with D.!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Joseph Fireborn
    4. Mark (Marko) Madrazo
  2. Hey y'all! How's everyone else doing? I finally have GREAT news! My beloved husband's cancer is finally reacting to the chemo therapy that his oncologist has put him on. Third time's the charm, eh!?! YAY!!

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    2. glazenerd


      My beast hope, thoughts and prayers for you family. Glad to see some good news for you both.

    3. Amy Eberhardt

      Amy Eberhardt

      Thank you all, for your kind words and warm thoughts! It means more to both of us than you may ever know! THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

    4. Denice


      Yea the fight goes on.

  3. I view any tool that helps me to produce a better product as a godsend. Should I be laughed at for wanting to make better pieces? I think NOT! Nor should anyone else be laughed at. We use a multitude of tools in pottery. Should we laugh at the use of those tools as well? Again, I think NOT!! Any tool that helps one to produce pieces of better quality, is also a tool that brings more joy to the process of doing so. And isn't that really what pottery is all about? I consider anyone who sneers, scoffs or laughs at me for the use of such tools to be a bit of a pottery snob. Those are the people that I have NO time or patience for.
  4. Boy! Ya really had me going there for a moment, Bruce. I saw the location of the event as Mount Vernon, WASHINGTON! (yes, there is a Mount Vernon, Washington) That kind of weather is not uncommon for Mt. Vernon WA, at this time of year. Ya really had me scratching my head, trying to figure out why you would be doing an event on the other side of the country from your listed location!! LOL! Glad you had such a good turn out!
  5. Whatever is comfortable for you. As Marcia said, each of us is a completely unique model. Experiment with it. If you find that your back is barking at you after only one hour, make an adjustment. Keep doing that until you find a height that works for you. You might even find that you prefer throwing from a standing position.
  6. Stephen, if all you want to put out there is your first name, well, I'm just peachy with that! At least I can honestly say I'm on a first name basis with you!! Teeheee!! Years ago, all I ever used in public forums or social media, was my "screen" name of "Serrin" And then, somewhere along the line, I grew up and decided, what the heck, they're going to find out my real name in my profile anyhow. Besides, it made me feel rather silly to use a pretend name. (that's where the "growing up" part comes in. ) There are still people to this day, with whom I've remained friends with from those early years, that insist upon calling me "Serrin" I don't feel any more, nor less, exposed in using my real name. And like Neil said, someday, it might serve me well to have had my real name out there all along. But that's a personal choice, and each of us has to make it, based on our own, individual experiences. I hope for you that somewhere down this long road, you feel comfortable enough with us, that you tell us who you really are! Then we can say we knew you when you were just Stephen! Side note to Min: You need to hang out with me for awhile. I can teach you all sorts of naughty eight letter words! LOL!
  7. I call my excuses for not getting into the studio, "legion" , for they are many. Right now, the love of my life, the center of my universe, my husband, Denny, was diagnosed just before Christmas, with stage 4 metastatic non small cell lung cancer. So far, they (the oncologists) are NOT saying it's terminal, thank heavens. So, of course,We're fighting it. That entails twice weekly oncology and infusion appointments, frequent additional fluids infusion sessions (he becomes easily dehydrated on account of the cancer) transfusions (also on account of the cancer).....it just goes on and on. And since he's been so severely weakened by all of this, it means that he can't really help out around our place. Ten+ acres to maintain, 25 chickens, three cats and a household, all fall to me to take care of. Studio time? Pfffft! Not even a consideration right now. For the foreseeable future, at any rate. I know it would be cathartic for me to get in there, but I just don't have the time. Free time consists of a few minutes, here and there, to spend with y'all (hey, even I have to sit down and rest now and then ) and then it's back at it! There are water lines to get ready for the garden....and then there is the garden itself to prepare....house cleaning, grocery shopping, appointments, chickens, cats, appointments, cooking, chickens, appointments, house cleaning...oh, and did I mention appointments? Yeah, those take a BIG chunk of our time. Once I DO manage to get back into the studio, God help ANYONE who tries to get me out of there. It darn well better be an emergency and somebody better be bleeding, or there will be hell to pay!
  8. Hey, Alykat! Welcome to the forums. I can fully appreciate and empathize with where you're coming from. After nearly two years, I STILL consider myself "new" to this madness we call ceramics/pottery. Especially with the issues of centering and pulling up. There is such an overwhelming wealth of videos on YouTube, here, and elsewhere at your fingertips. As someone else said, watch as many as you can handle. READ as many books on the subject as you can get your hands on. And above ALL else, PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!!! There will be good days and bad days. Accept that and keep moving forward. You are embarking on a journey of incredible discovery, not just of what it takes to become a proficient potter, but what amazing creativity resides within yourself. As to the issue of centering and pulling up, here is a link to one of my favorite YouTube videos, by Adam Field (also one of Ceramic Arts Daily's BEST artists/instructors, IMHO) that I go back to, time and time again. He really breaks it down, step by step and SHOWS you where your hands should be, and perhaps, even more importantly, WHY! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDH_QnNNA3k&ebc=ANyPxKo-hIy37LdP-HcZQWFVFittu5UExDR4S7KebPC1FAn-vVBb8tkhANx9PrBH6zBUXhRQdx7IXfT992ryE3WQQsHpm8PWCA
  9. Thank you Evelyne and Old Lady. I hadn't see this before. Let's face it. There's SUCH a wealth of information and links here. Even if I had all the time in the world, I doubt I could get through ALL of it! I truly appreciate when y'all bring special things of interest to me in a quick link, without me having to spend my extremely limited time in searching for them. THANK YOU!!!
  10. I haven't the foggiest. But it sure is a cute little bugger. Mind if I ask how much you paid for it? I doubt it's old, but since you bought it because you like it, that would hardly be at issue. Now would it? I would have sprung for it too, just because it appealed to me. If I was to venture any form of an opinion as to its origins, I'd say it was probably a piece of student work. I could easily see one drawing inspiration from it.
  11. Just as a suggestion...."What does your studio look like?", with pictures of each of our studios. And don't be shy about posting pictures, or worry about if it's messy or not. Hey, people! It's POTTERY! Of course it's going to be messy! Even the best of us with the most thoughtfully organized studios can have a messy corner or two (or all four, as is the case with moi! ) I'd love to hear suggestions for getting organized, tips for keeping it clean, and pictures to help with visualizations on layouts of efficient studios. Just a suggestion for QOTW, as per your request, Evelyne! And THANK YOU for agreeing to hosting the QOTW for another year! You're doing a great job, lady! Keep up the good work!
  12. Nope! Put in new cones and start all over again. I must admit. I'm a bit confused as to why you would even open the kiln before your cone sitter would have tripped and shut the kiln off. Did you have a power outage during your firing? Color me confuzzled here!
  13. You don't really have to pop the cured slab out of the box, Pug. The main reason for doing so is to prevent small bits from flaking off and getting into your work. If you clean up the slab in place, let it dry thoroughly, and there are no small bits around, you should be safe in just leaving it in the box. As dear old dad always said...."Work smarter, not harder"
  14. I used straight up, old fashioned POP that I got from Home Depot, Pugaboo. I've had zero problems with it, even in my very large (by my standards ) damp box. Just be sure to pop the slab out, once it has set of course, and clean off any residual bits that splash up on the sides during pouring into or mixing in the box. Then take a sure-form, or something like it, to clean the rough edges of your slap before placing back in the damp box. I use a simple green scrubby pad for this and it works just fine for my purposes.
  15. Dayum Tyler! For someone for whom English is a second language, I think you're very eloquent! Two thumbs way up!! For me, my soul goes into whatever I create, be it in clay, fabric or even the garden, when what I am creating is for someone I like/love and know personally. I don't think I could ever become a production potter (not that there's a single thing wrong with being a production potter) simply because that would take too much out of me. It's not just technique, or technically precise and correct work, that carries my soul in the pieces that I make. It's how much I care about the finished piece, and how much I want the recipient to see the love, heart and soul that I've put into that work, just for them!
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