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  1. A friend of mine does environmental testing for lead, asbestos, etc. Silicon is the next "big thing". She says P100 do not need to be changed until the airflow becomes restricted; they will not allow particles through more based on use, just become more difficult to believe through. 99, N90, etc, do however need to be changed per manufacturer instructions. I have a P100 that I've been using for years for various household projects, and it is noticeably restricted, but I do not worry about breathing more contaminants, it just makes it difficult to work on projects that need me to actually breathe
  2. I just setup a studio at home, one of the changes I made was raising my wheel. I used to have terrible hip pain from long sessions, even with a block under my opposite foot to balance the pedal. This has made a HUGE difference for me. My stool is a hydraulic adjustable motorcycle-style stool (bought for my dad from Costco, I got it back when he passed) and then I use the furniture lifts that you put under your bed or sofa. You can see part of it in the link. I'm right about what others were saying, seat height at or just above wheelhead level. I'm just about 6'. I think the furniture lifts would work for the Shimpo too.
  3. I'm still very new and really just a hobbyist at this point (but I've sold 4 pieces!), but personally I just much prefer everything be "useful"- pieces can be artistic and function. I've made a few random handbuilt pieces for display but I just like things to be used, to have a life beyond sitting on a shelf. A friend of mine, a well-known artist in the area, has a VERY nice collection of pottery, old pieces, famous artists, etc. While he has a lot for display only, the majority is in his cabinet, meant to be used. Want a soda with dinner? Here, drink it from this tea bowl from so-and-so. I think that's just wonderful.
  4. Hey, my first post here after lurking for over a year! I tend to listen to jazz, blues, or electronic (techno, trance) though I found the "Alternative Beats" playlist on spotify recently and am really digging that. I started tinkering with making electronic music a couple of months ago, only a few short beginner tracks, but I always liked the idea of making some groovy music for the studio.
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