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    Apart from pottery, I do warm and hot glass, furniture restoration and framing, cooking and baking, and my biggest love of all.... my african grey Bob and the two girls in my life; Layla the Bassett and Pougs the Scotty.
  1. SusanL


    Beautiful!!! Do try it in blue and white as well, I think that would also be amazing! You rock at geometrical patterns.
  2. Beautiful! Very good technique. Love the fact that the inside is clear and white.
  3. SusanL

    Fancy fish platter

    Hi there Judy.... thanks for the compliment. I'm not used to posting any of my stuff but this one got so many comments that I am quite embarrassed! I started the plate as greenware that I then cut and shaped, then freehanded the fish. I then did all my carving, and after that I did sliptrailing. It was then bisque fired and then I painted the platter. Final stage was glaze fire.
  4. I really like this. Good work ☺
  5. The thinnest lines I have been able to do, was to use a 00000 size paintbrush, draw the line with underglaze paint and then to scrape the line to the desired thickness with a knife. Else it can also work to carve the line into greenware, bisque fire, and then use manganese oxide or black underglaze paint to "flow" into the line. Either way it remains a difficult task requiring a steady hand. lots of luck with this! SusanL
  6. Shame! It is such a helpless feeling..... AND knowing it could have been prevented!! Well, we never get too old to learn and to be reminded of things that we already know and practice...... patience, my dear Watson, patience.... Susan
  7. This tabletop started out with the centrepiece. When I finished it, I quite liked it and decided that I want to make a complete mosaic. All the small pieces I made and the small rondels I painted by hand. Then came the tricky part..... to cut pieces of mosaic tiles to fit around the small pieces! Well, as was expected, it did not work unless I used a gazillion small fragments. So I ended up cutting the pieces in greenware, bisque fired it, fit and filed it and numbered it, glazed, fired and then put the whole jigsaw puzzle together. It was quite a job, but the end result to me is lovely. The mosaic is mounted on newtec board, and lies on top of the table. So it is removable if I just need a smooth table.
  8. I realise most of you guys and gals are in the States, but we are new to Slovakia, and I need to get my studio up and running. At the moment I am still working from a studio in South Africa, but am moving to Bratislava, Slovakia hopefully by October - December. My husband has been here for 3 years and it is time for me to join him. Is there anybody out there who knows of a good, reliable mail-order ceramics supplier in Europe, or closer to me, in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic or Hungary? Thanks a million! SusanL
  9. SusanL

    Mine Mine!

    Sometimes when I make something that is really good or beautiful (in my eyes...), and somebody wants to buy it, then I feel like saying It's mine!!! But you cannot keep everything, and you also have to share your work... problem is just that I give it away as gifts and do not sell enough of it.... it drives my husband up the wall... hiehie!!
  10. Amy... I uploaded a plate that I made for a friend of mine that I think you will like..... it is called Mine! I hope you enjoy it......
  11. Amy..... I made this for a friend of mine... http://file:///Users/okkie/Desktop/Susan%20pottery/Mine!.jpg Hope you enjoy it.
  12. SusanL

    African zebras

    I use underglaze paints, Amaco and Claybright paints, on bisque. I use slip on greenwear and then, after the first firing, I paint my designs. I am pleased that you like my efforts.
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