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  1. Thanks Babs - someone else obviously liked it too...it sold within a few days of being on display. It’s like meeting up with old friends being back on CAD!
  2. Thank you - it was all very experimental, but I did mix the glazes myself, so hopefully can reproduce the results when I fire my own raku kiln I think the tile is my favourite too Johnny.
  3. Celia UK

    July 2019

    Haven’t been active on CAD for a long time - life just became very busy! Thought I’d create a new album of some recent work.
  4. Celia UK

    Winter 2016

    Latest kiln opening - White earthenware with texture slabs and copper oxide and cobalt carbonate wash under transparent glaze. Fired to 1080oC.
  5. Haven’t visited CAD for a long time. Interestingly, everyone picks this bowl up and it gets lots of positive comments, but not sold! Have made a few in porcelain more recently, which I really love. Have tried to upload photo, not sure if it’s there yet.
  6. New studio almost finished.....just discovered new forum....will be exploring ideas above VERY soon. Have plenty of bits of vinyl to try a 'skirt' resting inside the splash pan. I've been searching for some kind of cable clip wth a flat side to stick to the vinyl and a curved loop to push down over the rim of the pan. This would hold the skirt away from the Giffin grip as it turns...... Photo shows left side of studio, wheel not down from bedroom yet! Will post more pics when all set up...before it all gets messy!!!
  7. Ron - absolutely! They're already wondering what the converted double garage is going to be (new detached garage built and old garage doors replaced by full length windows) I might stick an 'Open Studio' sign outside when I'm set up - it'll to give the neighbours a chance to nose around! Min - a children's paddling pool would indeed contain the clay but would still need sweeping up into the reclaim. Knowing me, it would flip and throw it everywhere if I attempted to tip it out. Joy - a photo would be useful here. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  8. I also use a Badger airbrush - uses an aerosol propellant. I haven't tried it for glaze but I use oxide washes. Just oxides/carbonates in water. No sieving and nothing added. Never had a blockage - I just spray clean water through, when finished, to clear the tube and nozzles. Never replaced it in 4 years.
  9. Made me chuckle just picturing this one Ron - especially in my brand, spanking new studio with full length windows in full view of the passing public! Thank you, but I think I'll pass on this one. BTW - does anyone know why I no longer get notifications when I follow a thread? I used to, but they stopped a few weeks back.
  10. Thank you all. The most reassuring thing from your replies is that it's evidence of an issue faced by more than just me! Mea - I think I might try a pice of vinyl resting on the inside edge of the splash pan - that would help with the bits collecting between the rim and my shield,, though I think I need more than the 1" extension. Perhaps I'm having my wheel turning too fast...I'm sure my trimmings fly out higher than that. Marcia's 10" sounds more like it. John - my trimmings are virtually bone dry by the time I've finished a few pots...not so easy to 'gather' them up without crushing, spreading clay dust etc. My studio is currently in a bedroom in the house, (not for long - 5m square garage conversion is currently underway!) so keeping the dust down is even more critical than in a dedicated space; though I will want to keep my new studio clean too, of course!! Min - I tried that before the 'collar' idea but think I managed to keep spilling bits when trying to lift and tip into the recycling. However...I might have a second attempt with a more rigid sheet of polythene, perhaps cut around the wheel base a bit... If it works it would be a one-step process into the recycle bin, as even collecting everything in the pan involves scooping it all out or removing the pan (hazardous for me when full of dry trimmings as the clips release quite suddenly....get the picture). I also suspect that due to my 'improver' status as a thrower, I have significantly more trimmings than many of you 'experts' out there . Perhaps throwing practice is what I need to invest some time into?
  11. I have a Shimpo RK3T wheel with a small removable splash tray. I use a Giffin grip for trimming which is almost as wide as the splash pan. Does anyone have a good system for keeping the clay trimmings from flying off and on to the floor? I've tried a shield of flexible plastic held to the outside of the splash pan (3/4 of the circumference) with a bungee, It helps a bit, but trimmings still escape through the space left for my hands and they also settle between the shield and rim of the splash pan, and when I remove the shield, they fall to the floor! Has anyone got a way of keeping the trimmings in the splash pan? I know there are some very ingenious problem solvers out there so I'm handing this one over. All suggestions welcomed!
  12. Callie - in your recipe for slip, will any kaolin and any frit work, or should they be particular ones?
  13. celia, the flowers are stroke & coat applied with tiny sponge teardrop shapes glued to short pieces of chopsitcks. Q-tips add the dots of yellow in the centers. Well it certainly works and looks lovely!
  14. The interiors of the two bowls at the front would tell me you're not bring entirely truthful about your I ability to paint Old Lady! All these are lovely! Carving is my thing too.
  15. Use thin underglaze, several thin coats rather than one thick one. Apply with a wide flat brush. Can you put it on your wheel and turn v slowly, or a banding wheel? You can always gently rub down any over thick bits with a fine grain sanding sponge or sandpaper before bisque firing. Good luck.
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