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  1. I TOOK THE LEAP. My poppies are now proper California Poppy orange. I just had my open studio and I was absolutely terrified that changing over from peach to orange would keep them from selling. On the contrary, I sold more than I have ever sold before! I'm delighted because the orange California Poppies are my favorite.
  2. It is two juicy layers of Amaco Deep Firebrick with one thin runny layer of Laguna Dynasty Red over the top. It's very pretty in person with lots of surface interest and the speckles in the Deep Firebrick come through.
  3. I did the math once and figured out that a kiln which holds 12 utensil holders is worth exactly the same amount as a kiln holding 30 mugs. And the utensil holders are easier to make of course because they don't have handles. However. The utensil holders sell much more slowly than the mugs, so just focusing on them would be a huge mistake from a business standpoint. So I fit a few larger pots in the bottom shelf and then I can get about 20 mugs into each load. It has been working pretty well for me. It's such a balancing act, and we as small business owners don't have huge million dollar market
  4. I used to pack my glaze kilns as full as possible but I learned the hard way with items ruined by fuming and dripping to leave enough space that my hand can pass between. I do a lot of work that I leave portions unglazed to show the clay but if it's going to be used for food I always glaze any portion that people will have to touch a lot. My mugs, I glaze the handle as well as the rim (a little over 1/4" on the rim). I have some that I've applied the glaze to the interior and left the exterior including the rim and handle bare and those mugs just never sell. Fortunately I figured it ou
  5. What happens when you work like a maniac and then go on a trip for a week and eat junk food and don't get enough sleep? A week of forced vacation while you have a bug, that's what. -.- Itching to get back to work.

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      I learned to avoid this a while ago. Now when my wife takes off say 5 days from work. We schedule a 3 day vacation and rest 2 days at home after the 3 day beach trip. The go go go of vacation can wear you out. Particularly with kids! Hope you get feeling better@!

    2. GiselleNo5


      Yes, absolutely! I am much better, still just have a small lingering cough. -.- Back out in the studio today. I did not rush it as it never works anyway and the stress actually lengthens the amount of time I'm sick. There is NO POINT in trying to be out there when I'm shaky and sick.

    3. Denice


      We took a eight day vacation to Arizona this year. It was a relaxing trip but still had 2 days of rest when we got home.

  6. This is possibly my favorite thing I have ever made to date. There's something about the way this little bowl fits in my hands, the curve of the outside, that made me snag it right from the kiln and put it right into my kitchen. I'm definitely making more like this one.
  7. I now have enough dry bisque to fill the small kiln 2 1/2 times. So I think I'm going to power through and make enough bisque to fill the BIG ONE, which always gives me 4-5 glaze loads in the little one. Getting stocked up for my October studio show.

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    2. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      I know you will max the happiness. Best wishes.

    3. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Go big. Like your heart. Best wishes for happiness and success.

    4. GiselleNo5


      BUT I SAID I WOULDN'T DO THIS ANYMORE. LOL Last year I did this all year and couldn't handle it all the glazing that followed. Now I'm not even scared.

  8. Built glaze storage shelves and assembled a third wheeled rack yesterday. Muahahaha. STORAGE FOR DAYS!!

  9. Glaze fire IN! As usual on the strength of one good test I have done something new with a whole kiln load because apparently I'm insane. I think it's going to be fine, though. I'm 98% sure.

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    2. GiselleNo5


      I have a few photos of the orange/peach poppies up in my gallery if anybody wants to see. I am still not sold on it so I'm going to run some tests with each color interior paired with poppies in peach, orange/peach, and orange so I can compare them all. I have a feeling that some will go better together than others.

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