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  1. *This is a lamp stand if you are wondering why there is such an unorthodox neck*
  2. Brandon Franks

    Crystalline Pottery

    My crystalline pottery using my custom schedule and many of my own glazes (influenced by @glazenerd)
  3. Hazelnut brown is my favorite clay body by such a long shot. It sucked for vases but was such a joy for cups. It destroyed my studio, dyed everything red, and my glazes looked awful on it, but something about that raw clay made me fall in love with it. I haven't used it in over a year, i'm all porcelain now, but its a great clay for beginners.
  4. There are days where I will have my laptop sitting behind me and have his videos playing while I throw. Something about that damn voice, makes you feel comfortable on the wheel.
  5. I'm a porcelain guy who throws a little (only 200lbs or so) of raku during the summer time. 5 lbs of porcelain and 5 lbs of raku throw very differently. Raku (and most high grog stonewares) are very good at holding their shapes. A nice hot day by me (90s or so), I can throw 10 big raku vases by noon, and have them in the kiln the next morning with a 8hr overnight preheat- no issues, cracking. (I know that isn't about throwing) However, throwing between stoneware and porcelain tends to be difficult, especially if you throw large vases. Stoneware is really easy to throw thin and stretch, Porcelain and other fine-grog clays tend to suck for throwing with really large shapes, they distort and get mushy, especially if you are taking hours on a single piece.
  6. Im rocking a 2004 shampoo pug mill! Hasn't seen a vacuum before haha, need to wedge some small bubbles out. Plus I am throwing 6-10 lbs with the reclaim, I find that throwing smaller pieces with it often exposes imperfections.
  7. Oh you're right. I usually just dump that into my slip buckets though, there should be a decent amount of it in these pugs.
  8. Hey (sorry for all the recent posts, this social distancing has really caused me to focus more on my operations than production) So this has been happening for a while, but I haven't cared because I mix this clay 50/50 with fresh clay, but my reclaimed pugged clay always cracks when wedged. Should I add bentonite to help this? Ill attach pictures but this was put through my pug mill probably 6 or seven times (I don't have a mixing one) its all the same porcelain and it is well mixed through. I would like to throw this clay by itself and start pushing though my like 300lbs of scraps I have sitting in buckets.
  9. Looks good, I will buy one to test with. Thanks!
  10. They are open air, I bought a bunch of covers, but for some reason they didn't fit. I am now wondering if I just got a batch that was warped. How do you cut them? They seem pretty stiff, do wire cutters work or do you need a saw?
  11. I think it's my ramps and holds that do them in. Some of my firings are like 6 hrs at around 2000^f (longer at the and of the elements life) I was never able to find 8 inches on Ebay, I usually get them from TheCeramicShop (I think they are $15 there), but they were sold out last time I ordered.
  12. I will contact Bailey, but that's what I was thinking.
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