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  1. The under glaze is done on the bisque fired plates of plainsman m340 clay then the dip in the glaze after it has dried.The clear glaze is the plainsman premade glaze mix just add water.
  2. Using PSH under glaze. This has been doing it for awhile but seems to have gotten worse. Maybe the wife is painting more under glaze on
  3. I am making plates with plainsman clay and the ^6 clear glaze. The problem I am having is with the under glaze painted on the rim. The clear glaze does mot seem to get thick enough and has a sandpaper like finish after fired to ^6.I dip the plate in the glaze, tied a longer and shorter dip time with no difference. The rest of the glaze on the plate is fine. Any ideas how to solve this problem.
  4. I place mine in a pillowcase and then onto the cement floor. Move it flip it a couple of times a day until it is right. Manage 5 gallons at a a time.
  5. The new belts solved the problem and cured the belt squeak with some spray belt dressing.
  6. Still wonder what HP the motor is, there is no label on it. Would be nice to know so I could compare or know that the next wheel has a larger motor. Guess I would just go with a 1hp model of wheel
  7. The drawing is wrong because if you pull strait vertical your pot would have tapered sides . That drawing does not represent a spinning wheel. If the wheel head or shaft was bent then the drawing would be accurate.
  8. The new resistor came today, replaced the 22watt with a 50watt chassis mount. Mounted the chassis mount to the aluminum case. Plugged it all back in and it is back up and running. Thanks to everyone for the advise to steer me in the right direction to find the correct part. Now to see if I can throw 15 lbs of clay, if not I see a Brent C or CXC wheel in my future.
  9. Looking at prices of new wheels with some power to them because of issues with the new to me OLD pacifica. I can stall out my Pacifica GT500 when working 15 lbs of clay. Is there much difference between the Pacifica 800 and a Brent to justify the 50% greater price?
  10. I was given some clay to try that is cone 8-10. I am currently firing to a cone 6 with a cone 6 clear glaze. What would be my problems if I only fired this clay to cone 6 ?
  11. My current box has plug in for the motor and foot peddle. To reverse the motor you just move the plug over 1 pin. The unit is so old that the plug has a standoff below it made of wood. You can just see it in the pic. If I knew it was that old I would have passed on it but into it now with a new bearing and belts. New resistors should arrive Wednesday. .
  12. If I replace the board with a newer model will all the plugs fit. I guess the board is only a variable dc power supply. Might be able to have them send new plugs as well
  13. Was trying to work about 15 lbs of clay and leaned into it. The fuse blew so I replaced it and it still did not work. Opened the control box and could see nothing wrong until I lightly touched the resistor and it broke in half. This wheel is probably 30 years old and no one has heard of the Pacifica gt500. Better hope it keeps working as replacement boards will be impossible to find. Glad I can at least replace parts with my limited electronics. Will let you know if it runs after the resistor replacement. The plan is to cut the legs off the existing resistor and attach the new chassis style one. Wont even have to work on the board then.
  14. I found some at Digikey , the shipping was less than 1/2 in Canada. I ordered both of these and will try the one with the heat sink chassis mount style first. Thought for the $4.00 I would have the other as a spare and then never need it. The chassis mount was a little more but might be worth it @ $7.00 Liked your find better priced but I am in Canada. Bill your search results lead me to be able to find them at Digikey. Thanks.
  15. Thanks Bill. Would I need to mount that with a heat sink being that it is 50w instead of the 22w?
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