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  1. our technicians use a hair dryer to blow flames away from the peep hole to see the cones.
  2. Our studio and galleries are constantly hit up for donations. The requestors don't seem to realize we are on a consignment basis and the decision is up to each artist and not the organization. Also, they often come in and want to walk out with a piece - allowing no lead time. We have finally decided to donate gift certificates from the gallery of a certain amount each month, selecting the high exposure events. With a gift certificate, people have to come in and see the gallery to use it and they often end up purchasing more than the certificate value. That said, sometimes some cute girl scouts come in and I just give them something of mine. Gift certificates might be hard for a person who does not have a retail outlet though it could be spent at the craft fairs. I have often wanted to write a letter to the editor about hitting up artists for charities so much as we are some of the poorer people around. Why not have wealthier people purchase a piece and donate it? I know lots of other business get hit up for gift certificates and products around here too so its not just artists.
  3. Probably the carving step of my hand building. My little figures are hand formed as pretty much pinch pots, then carved and refined after they set up a little. Really like the carving part.
  4. rakukuku

    JBaymore BottleForm

    Wonderful form. Hope you post a pic when it is finished.
  5. Some people have thick coarse hair which can be used like horse hair. I have used my own a few times and it just leaves a finer line. I wonder what would happen if you collected sweepings from the beauty salon and tossed wads of that stuff on your pot?
  6. Sad to see anything art related closing in Mendocino. Its such a great little art mecca. Love the center for the arts there and have attended workshops. well worth it. Rakuku
  7. Love seeing the work of new graduates. Lets see more of this.

    1. glazenerd


      Agreed- love to see new generations getting involved.

  8. Mostly I listen to what is going on in the main studio - all sorts of fun conversations or instructions going on. If not that, then progressive talk radio though its all about the same topic these days.
  9. Well I studied art and ceramics in college and knew I always wanted it as part of my life. But felt the need to get a decent paying job in the business world and got an advanced degree. Interestingly, the creativity of my art background was very helpful in the business world. I was a creative problem solver. Having retired from business I jumped back into ceramics asap. I really don't know what I would do all day without it. I am a sculptor and hand builder and don't do the wheel any more though I used to. Used to raku a lot but now am doing more high fire as I get more comfortable with the glazes. I am always looking for some new technique to try - Obvara being one of them that was fun.
  10. Well you just have to dry it until it is dry. No time known. But you are right to slow dry it covered. I do a lot of sculptures and while it is humid here, my studio often gets a lot of sun. I keep things covered lightly with plastic and away from the window. Gradually cover them less. Eventually I move them to shelves in front of the window. Little stuff goes there directly. Also I am really slow with he porcelain as it tends to crack more. Gl. You will know when its dry.
  11. I've only done this a time or two but bisque the waste slab right along with the piece in the same position as it will be in the glaze kiln. thats was I was advised and it worked. Same clay same shrinkage.
  12. love this stuff. Do I see redwoods? Would you share the moss pebble glaze recipe? love that look.
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