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  1. Wonderful form. Hope you post a pic when it is finished.
  2. Love seeing the work of new graduates. Lets see more of this.

    1. glazenerd


      Agreed- love to see new generations getting involved.

  3. Well I studied art and ceramics in college and knew I always wanted it as part of my life. But felt the need to get a decent paying job in the business world and got an advanced degree. Interestingly, the creativity of my art background was very helpful in the business world. I was a creative problem solver. Having retired from business I jumped back into ceramics asap. I really don't know what I would do all day without it. I am a sculptor and hand builder and don't do the wheel any more though I used to. Used to raku a lot but now am doing more high fire as I get more comfortable with the g
  4. love this stuff. Do I see redwoods? Would you share the moss pebble glaze recipe? love that look.
  5. Ok here is a question. Do you work in other forms of art like painting, drawing or whatever? How much cross over is there to your ceramic work?
  6. Maybe illumite? We have one speckled green glaze that uses it. Speckles are black.
  7. I do a fair amount of applying glaze with a brush and have mixed results. Like you, its because of detail that I can't spray or dip. Though I do use underglazes often and dip in clear. I think my poor results are due to not having enough glaze. Have to apply more than one and going in a different direction helps. There are tile makers at our studio that get exquisite results and they use tube liners. They have sets of them with about 20 different glazes. Always having to clean out the tips after each use. They also have much steadier hands than me. As a student I was taught to dam
  8. Well I don't know your firing temp but I fire to cone 10 and use underglazes with clear over without issues. However, I used underglazes in Raku with a clear (80-20) over it and the underglazes ran, even though it was only fired to cone 06. I suspect that my clear glaze, which is 80 percent gherstly borate, a powerful flux agent, caused the underglaze to run because of the high amount of flux. You might consider the ingredients in your clear glaze and the firing temperature. This is all supposition but something to think about. GL. Rakuku
  9. Great stuff, love all the decoration. Must be hours and hours of work
  10. Working on a dog themed show for April at our cooperative gallery. Dogs on my mind!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. glazenerd


      Refrain from making any fire hydrant pieces.

    3. rakukuku


      Lol, no fire hydrants. One butt sniffing piece however


    4. Sheryl Leigh

      Sheryl Leigh

      Let me know if you need a few models - I'll ship 'em right to you.


  11. my drying cabinet is a large south facing window with shelves. Of course, it only works well if its not raining. We sometimes set stuff on a not too hot cooling bisque kiln or outside if its sunny. I do find that porcelain figures have to dry slowly and not go directly into the window on a sunny day or they crack. I live in the pacific northwest so too hot is not usually a problem.
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