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  1. based on the responses, this has not been tried much. I have a throw away small gas kiln, so i think i have a new experiment Jed
  2. Has anyone used welding powders in a kiln using a similar technique as salt firing. I wondered what type of effects I could achieve by spraying welding powder on hot pieces during thr firing cycle? If it has been done, can i get the protocal and info to research. pics would be great. Jed
  3. I have always questioned if the glaze fit changes in single firing. Jed
  4. could the top be Bernards slip applied to the top followed by carving prior to bisque firing. A celadon glaze then applied after firing? Jed
  5. I used silver nitate and got black specks as well. It was very unimpressive. Jed
  6. There is a potter in my town who makes encostic tiles. The highly grogged clay is extruded then pressed in a hydrolic press..It is then dried between weights. you may want to try using a press to highly compress the clay. Jed
  7. My daughter and I used a 55 gallon drum layed on it side. A sheet of expanded steel was used as a shelf. I supported the shelf with 6 fire bricks. Once the pieces were set on the shelf, we spread oxides on clay shards around the pieces. Sawdust covered the pieces. kindling on top of that. larger pieces were fed below the shelf. The opening of the barrel was closed off so there was only a 6 -8 inch wide opening. We fed wood in under the shelf after about two hours, allowing the kiln to warm up more slowly. we fed the beast for about 4 hours. THEN WE CLOSED IT ALL UP while it was still burning, blocking the front completely, kaowool insulation wet on top of the barrel. It slowly cooled down. no loss. I think the thing that was successful was to trap the heat and force a slower cool down. Jed
  8. I have two dremals and a flex shaft. I use them all the time to enlarge the holes on my flutes in the final tuning process. Diamond bits are a must. jed
  9. as mentioned, burnish it. however, if you are going to glaze the piece, the glaze will hide a multitude of clay defects or roughness. Jed
  10. l found the Frank Goydos frit substitution chart. It is 30 pages long. Can I post a pdf file here? If so, I need some instructions to do so. If others are interested in the chart, pm me and we can exchange e-mails so i can send the pdf file to you. The chart is quite extensive Jed
  11. It would incredible if this could go nationwide or even worldwide. But, I am struggling to get funding just to run the program. At this point I would settle for a home base. I'm hoping that the seeds I plant now will grow in the future even if I don't see the fruits of my labor. Jed
  12. I hope we can continue to grow until we can do this on a weekly basis in our own facility. We have a long way to go....
  13. It has been quite some time since I have posted in the forum. I'm not sure how many active people who are posting I still may now. Nevertheless, I just wanted to tell of an experience I had last week. Before I do this I need to explain why in the last 8 months I have not been on the forum. The good news, it has nothing to do with the criminal justice system..... The fact is that 1 1/2 years ago I founded a nonprofit adventure camp for those affected with autism. I have not extruded, formed, thrown anything in the last 8 months until last week. I hosted a pottery activity for those with Autism. We had 20 people with Autism and about 10 volunteers at our event. We introduced the kids to throwing. We had them extrude coils and form them in a plate project. They were also given clay to "sculpt" to their hearts' delight. everyone had fun. We had no meltdowns or injuries. The projects will be glazed this week. It was so great to watch these kids explore their talents. On another note, when an autistic kid says he want to throw something on the wheel, you have to be very careful. He was literally throwing things on the spinning wheel and watching them fly across the room. He had great fun and squealed very loudly as one projectile hit another nearby participant. Many more activities are planned... Jed
  14. We used to burn it for outdoor fire pits. It can bend the cast iron grates because of its heat output. It grows in CA, AZ, UT and NM at about 3,500 to 4,500 ft elevation. In CA is can grow up to 20 ft as a dense tree that has slick red bark and light green leaves. When it burns, it leaves almost no ash. Jed
  15. Has anyone used manzanita wood? I know it is off topic a bit,,,,sorry. I was just curious. Jed
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