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  1. I would say: 3 4 1 4 not so sure about question no.4 though.. Hmmmm...
  2. Here are a few possible questions (I didn't read all the other suggestions, so it is possible that one or the other is already mentioned): are you doing archetypal or traditional forms? have you ever been inspired by Ikebana to do vases? is "history" important in/to your work? what art qualifications do you have? is there a person in your life (doesn't have to be a potter) who influenced you or your work? what does success mean to you? what are the most important design elements? are you using 3-D printers? is your work related to your environments? which of your works gives you the most pleasure when you look at it? are you a member of a ceramics community in your neighborhood/region/country etc.? are there restrictions to the size of your work?
  3. @ Mark: very interesting life! If you need tips for Taiwan: I am your man (ehm, well...) As you all know, I was a piano teacher in another life. Never liked teaching much because I was always so furious when I noticed that the students didn't practice properly. Then clay came into my life. First as a therapy for my hands, than as a rescue for my soul. I am hooked and I can't imagine a life without clay anymore. I am sure I will pinch a small bowl on my deadbed.... But I am still living and want to do so until I am at least 107 years old. My journey in clay has taken me to flying again. I have fear of flying and refused to enter an airplane for more than 20 years. Then I was elected to the Advisory Board of Potters Council (now ICAN) and I was so very proud that I decided to go to the first meeting at NCECA Providence. After that it was NCECA Kansas City and after that I was flying around half of North America to make up what I missed. My journey in clay has taken me also to Asia. It started with filling in for an Austrian colleague to organize an exhibition in Korea. Later I did exhibitions in Taiwan and Japan. This year alone I was in Japan and 3x in South Korea to organize Biennales. All those implementations of Symposia and Biennales pulled me a bit away from creating clay objects myself. But I was working in my studio again the last 2 weeks and was happy as a king (well more like a queen). My journey in clay has taken me also to write articles for ceramics magazines and to having an own series called "In studio with..." in the magazine New Ceramics. All in all I think that clay rescued me in more ways than I can count, and clay is what I am staying with for the next... let me count.... 47 years! @ Pres: thank you for this wonderful question! Evelyne
  4. I am not sure if it was "the perfect pot" but I have a few objects that got "accidentally" like they are now. But I am not the best thrower anyway ;-)
  5. I really don't know the answers to the question but I am happy to be back in the forum. That's something!
  6. Yes, I am dirt magnet too. I wear old jeans and t-shirt (sweatshirt in the winter) and I have a collection of aprons from lots of ceramics schools. They don't cover much while throwing, so I have to wash my cloth pretty often. We unfortunately can't buy the split leg type aprons here, so Marci (hint hint) could you bring me one next year to our Symposium? I of course will pay for it!
  7. John, is this now one of the drinking vessels we discussed in K.C. second to last NCECA?
  8. Congrats on the great show Mark! Enjoy summer break now.
  9. One is slip (and for mocha of course the tobacco spit ) Two is piercing Three is reduction (I know of a ceramist who uses mothballs in the El. kiln to get reduction. It works - but it stinks!! Don't try it folks) Four I guess is pinching (or coiling?)
  10. I can't enter the Operations and Benefits threads anymore. It says I use the wrong password. But I have only one (1) with which I sign in to the forum with no problems. Help anybody??

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    2. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Thanks for any help! I appreciate it.

    3. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Solved! Steve Hecker helped. GEP, is it solved for everybody now?


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      Yes, it is fixed for everyone now. Thank you, Steve!

  11. Welcome to the Forum, PotteryMarq! I looked at the picture you sent the link to and I had the impression to see one of those Gargoyles (or Krampus), and behind it the mug! That's a strong picture. You know, it's always the same question: is it art (non-functional) or is it craft (functional)? It seems you merge both and that's interesting. If you say it's functional then it has to be in a usable size, means you have to be able to drink out of a mug. If it's too big to drink out of it, well, is it art then? You say you are working with clay only for half a year? Congratulations, you seem to be a natural. I hope you stay on in the forum.
  12. Let me see: 1. John Ruskin 2. I think Vulkos (I love his work btw!) 3. Plasticity 4. I would say terra sigillata AND slip? (but never worked with ts, so don't really know)
  13. Sputty, I never thought of working with a child against an artisitc setback. I think this is a very very good idea and I thank you for your thoughtful suggestion!
  14. At the moment I have extrem problems getting back to work in my studio. After my broken leg and surgery end of last year, then hobbling around on crutches for 8 weeks and not being able to use stairs (my studio is in the basement of my house), and then when the foot got better my long stay in Asia, I was away from my studio for over half a year. Now back in Switzerland I go down to my studio almost daily, look around the rooms, and go back up again, thinking: "ok, I'll start to work again tomorrow".... and then tomorrow..... and then tomorrow (ad infinitum). Normally I am a resilient person, but I don't know exactly what's the matter with me at the moment. It's not procrastination. I want to start work again and I also have ideas for objects, but there seems to be something every day that keeps me from starting in the studio again. Work on the Computer for the Cheongju Biennale, work on the computer for the Symposium next year in Tuscany, then my wrist is hurting out of the blue, then I get a headache out of the blue..... you name it. This is an artistic setback all right and, I am sorry, for the time being I have no solution how to get out of it.... I am not sad, I like what I do outside of the studio, but oftentimes it makes me angry at myself for not just sitting down in my studio and just start again... How to get out of it? I pay good money for any tip you can give me Evelyne
  15. Oldlady: thank you for the welcome! Glad to be back in the forum and with my friends. Maybe Internet and GPS and whatnot aren't so very good inventions. We all lose the ability, for instance, to find our way through a city by reading schedules of trams, busses, trains; orient ourselves through our brain-compass and through landmarks, maybe even determin your position to the position of the sun... I know it sounds medieval, but this knowledge is important! I know of a chauffeur to a big shot here in Switzerland who not even knows in which country he is, driving only ever with one eye on the GPS. (rolleyes)
  16. Carlo Zauli (Faenza-Italy) Prof.Dr. Gaetano Ballardini (Faenza) Hans Coper (Germany) Robin Hopper (Canada) Eva Zeisel (Hungary and USA) Otto Lindig (Germany) Horst Kerstan (Germany) Edmund de Waal (UK) Roberto Lugo (USA) "this machine kills hate"... Lotte Reimers (Germany) Will think of more.....
  17. I can speak only for Switzerland. We have 3 major schools which are doing basic education in ceramics. I am project leader of the Cheongju Biennale in Korea this year and I organize the participants for Switzerland. I wanted to give students the opportunity to exhibit abroad, so I accepted 20 student's applications (they just graduated after 3 years of school). Then it started: they had no idea how to calculate an insurance value, no idea of transport modes, packing, customs papers, photographing their object for the catalogue, no idea how to write a biography. I had to teach them via "learning by doing"....and most of their objects were like pieces from kindergarten. I asked their teachers if they teach students also the exhibition side of an artist life and they said no, no time (during 3 years? Hello??). Speaking of "prepare pupils for life".... PS: I think I once saw wheels in the schools though...
  18. Jeff, why not use saggars in the El. kiln with the salted mugs? No damage to the elements!
  19. Hi Blurcharm and welcome to the forum! Never used Laguna clay too (not available in Switzerland). I burnished black clay though (Spanish clay) using semiprecious stones, teaspoons and plastic wrapped over a finger. For oils: babyoil is the best, then linseed oil (tepid!). Just try on different trial slabs, 1x straight, 1x bent and fire them! Good luck! Evelyne
  20. My best guess since I don't have this book you mention: 1 = 4 2 = 4 3 = hmmmmm (I am not the glaze type)... hmmmm... let's say no. 1 (Iron for sure, but the chromate is green no?!) 4 = easy-peasy: no. 2 Happy Sunday to all! Evelyne
  21. Yes, yes and yes... Means: I always wedge! First wire and slam, even if I use clay directly from the bag, and then bullshead for me (because I don't know how to do the beautiful Asian wedging). And yes, I orient the rotation of the spiral that's on the peak after wedging to the rotation of the wheel (counter clock). Sometimes I really wonder if I don't overdo it, but.... it's what I learned eons ago from Pietro Maddalena (La Meridiana, Tuscany), and he was a strict teacher! I always hear him moaning in my brain when I try to skip a step Hey, it's so good to be back in the forum! Thank you Pres for telling me you and the members here miss me. Evelyne
  22. I am still alive and kicking! Back from Asia and then from internet-less Italy. Thank you all for asking how I am doing! Love to all of you!!

  23. Joel: I can understand your frustration. At one point too I had to stay out for 2 challenges because of lack of time and then the hand surgeries. But I think it sad that the Community Challenge stopped. Maybe Mistfit wants to take over? Mistfit? Helooooooo??!
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