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  1. Very sad news, I will not be able to take ceramics next semester...it looks like my hobby will be put on hold for quite some time, as we currently do not have the finances to set up the rest of the necessary equipment in our current space.

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    2. SydneyGee


      $20 per item??? That does not make any sense. Lump it together until you have like 5 for $20 or something. The rates here just to use the facilities are insane.

    3. GiselleNo5


      I know, I think it's ridiculous. There is no way the whole firing even costs $20!

  2. Thank you Nerd! I do believe it is one of my best mugs so far. (:
  3. SydneyGee

    Ceramics Fall 2016

    First semester back in clay after 3 year hiatus. Still very much new, and always learning!
  4. Did a horse-hair firing tonight. Got great results with the sulfuric acid!

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    2. SydneyGee


      Haha, I would not know! The professor gave it to us. From her horse. I forgot to use the lions mane we had left over too (yes real lion, we have a teaching zoo on campus).

    3. Marcia Selsor
    4. alabama


      Wow, I never heard of a lion petting zoo! I guess the crocodile petting zoo didn't work out! :)

  5. It is a lovely green. Trinkets and tiny things always get me, so cute!
  6. SydneyGee

    IMG 0603

    Dragons are my favorite. Would love a large piece as gorgeous as yours!
  7. Wow that is so creative and useful. Now I wan't to make one....
  8. You can't help but wonder who is writing these emails and if they have any sort of sympathy or regard for their vendors. Late-sent emails are a peeve of mine. Oh, you need me do this thing an hour before you need it done?
  9. I am so sorry to hear that! Similarly, our college holds the ceramics sale twice a year, once in fall and in spring for the last 30 years. When I participated three years ago with a different professor he was very on top of informing the students of the upcoming sale, the paperwork needed, and when to show up to put out your work. This year I had no warning, no information, and despite my questions and inquiries found out the DAY BEFORE the sale I needed to set up my work! Needless to say I was quite rushed after getting off of work and having to set up everything. I had thought the sale was much later (mid December).
  10. Student Ceramics Sale is tomorrow, putting a few of my best pots up for sale. Great way to see others work, professors are very encouraging.

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    2. SydneyGee


      Yes! I kept my favorites, the strawberry pot in my gallery was one, as well as a few mugs. My stuff got so much more even-walled and light towards the end of the semester, you can really see the difference in just 3 months. Excited to go again next semester!

    3. SydneyGee


      Sale is going great so far. Sold over 3/4 of my pieces. I think they are running it today too, so I will pick the left overs up next week.

  11. A seat cushion, got a flat butt and it hurts after sitting on hard stools all day. Radio, teacher has an ipod with pandora and loud speakers that plays calming or jazzy music. Helps me concentrate.
  12. I work with clay with a lot of iron filings in them, so when it is glaze fired all of the iron oozes out and on the bottoms it ends up making it rough again (as well as the grog). I do burnish when leather hard, sand again when bisque, but always the glaze fire brings out that iron! Next semester maybe I will just work with porcelain
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