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  1. True, the kiln is very short; raising it should not be an issue. Attached is a photo of the basement windows (there's actually four but one is near the furnace). The window opening is ~23"x11". For reference, the basement is quite a large, empty space, about 35'x25', excluding the alcove where the furnace is. In a space this large, would overheating still be an issue? I plan to fire cone 10 until I use up the clay that I have, then switch to cone 5-6. Neil - thanks for the advice on venting out the window, I'm glad that it can be done. If you could get a photo, that would be great!
  2. Thank you for the feedback. The basement had a pretty bad flooding issue last year, but now we have a sump pump and it hasn’t flooded since. In scenario that we lose power and get a lot of rain, the basement would likely flood. I know that I can’t control every potential issue - but I could put a layer of concrete pavers on the spot where the kiln will be to raise it up a few inches more (+ the height of the stand). If the basement is quite large but only has 3 tiny slit windows, what is the likelihood that the ambient temperature around the kiln gets too hot while firing and it auto-fails? Also, I was planning to buy the envirovent 2, unless the hood one would be better in your opinions! Once I talk to electricians and get the costs for each scenario, I’ll likely be swayed one way or the other Thanks, Olivia
  3. Hello! I recently bought my first kiln, a used Skutt KM-1218-3. It is in great shape but it is missing the power cord (the previous owner replaced the original cord with a very long cable, which they kept). I plan to have an electrician install its own dedicated circuit, but I have some questions. I apologize in advance if some of these questions have been asked before and I did not find their replies. -Is it better to have the electrician install the proper outlet or have them hardwire it directly into the circuit? In either scenario, should I buy the replacement power cable from Skutt or just a #6, 3 copper wire cable with the correct temperature rating? The kiln takes 48 amps. -If I keep the kiln in my garage, will cold weather or humidity be an issue? I live in Maine, the garage is unfinished (it has insulation but currently no boards covering the insulation). We will be putting up fire resistant panels in the corner where the kiln will hopefully live. I have read in other forums that the cold is not an issue, one just has to heat up the control panel with a space heater for a little bit. -Will it be exceptionally more expensive to install the kiln in the garage if it is the farthest point from our current circuit breaker panel (the location where my house connects to the grid)? The other option is to have the kiln installed in my basement (pros: concrete floors and walls, close to the grid access point - cons: short(6ft), exposed insulation ceiling, lack of good air flow, difficult to install the vent) Thanks! Olivia
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