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    Boats, food, herpetology, ornithology, really animals of any kind... painting, graphic design,gardening, ceramics, hiking and camping!

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I am currently employed as a full time graphic designer with a background in fine art and design. I grew up in Southern California, and was married to my wonderful and supportive husband June 13th, 2015. We have been living on a 50 foot sail boat for the last year and a half and moved to land back in May. The experience has greatly humbled me and given me a greater appreciation for the resources we have. 


I have had just about every pet you can think of, and spent some of my childhood years on our family farm. I especially love birds (chickens, raptors, and peacocks are a favorite) reptiles, and amphibians. As a child I read all the non-fiction books about animals I could get my hands on, and thus am equip as a relatively useless textbook reciter of animal facts and trivia.


I guess you could say I am a jack of all trades. I tend to work on many, specialize in none. My patience is great, but attention is small, so I tend to jump back and forth between all my hobbies and interests.


I love ceramics and am getting back into it after a two year hiatus. I am pretty new, but still have the child-on-Christmas-morning feeling whenever I step into the studio and begin working.

I am in the process of learning how to fire and adjust glazes at the university I am taking ceramic classes at. My grandmother graciously has given me access to her kilns and supplies, so I will be exploring those options soon!

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