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  1. MatthewV


    Finished work
  2. Made an army of test tiles. Just to dead soliders in the end?

    1. Joe_L


      Just pawns, each one seeking glory.

    2. glazenerd


      Soldiers will always be lost in the glaze battle.

  3. MatthewV

    ZNO levels

    Wow. About 26.4% should make a nice balance of flowers and open space.
  4. Australia has a different voltage (and frequency but that shouldn't matter for a motor). I never saw Brent wheels in New Zealand and would not be surprised if they only make a 110-120V model. There should be a plate somewhere on the motor that lists the required inputs and maximum amps and such. I have an Australian (Venco) pugmill. To make it work I needed a voltage converter. I predict you will need one too.
  5. MatthewV

    Lady Bowl

    Oh, she isn't a particular person.
  6. It was well thought out. The only thing on wheels is the plaster for reclaiming clay. Everything flows. All it needs is another 1000 sq ft (which would double the space!) :-) Oh, an more windows. There is only one that faces south. And more sinks. And... ah... it is a good home and I am happy with the space.
  7. MatthewV

    Studio etc

    Work spaces are important too!
  8. I had a relay fail after 72 firings. Sigh, I had put off getting spare parts to my next order.

    1. glazenerd
    2. Marko


      I had to do this also. I also found out that Paragon will no longer stock parts for my Duncan kiln. I got extra parts. Expense I could do without at this time. Best wishes.

    3. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Ohhhh NUUUUUU, geez! That's so lame! D: Sorry, buddy!

  9. MatthewV


    They would also be magical with the right crystal glaze...
  10. A continuation that arose from Challenge #6
  11. MatthewV


    It is somewhat mono-chromatic. They are just one glaze poured over. They are all the same glaze. The depth of color and variations don't come out in photographs. Some are greener, some more black, and some more deep rutile blue. This group didn't really fit in my converted Brent wheel light box...
  12. The easy way to get beautiful pottery is to buy it from someone else.

    1. Joseph Fireborn
    2. Denice


      Easy but not challenging. I have discovered that needing to be challenged all of the time is a character flaw of mine.

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Made my living on that concept for 4 decades

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