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  1. Joe_L


    Thanks. I used a paper stencil cut from a real leaf as the plant was struggling this year and I didn't want to keep taking leaves (Lovage which usually grows well in our garden but we've had a very hot dry summer). I gave someone a set of soup bowls with this design.
  2. Joe_L


    The tenmoku must have been a bit thin as it normally produces a really good black speckled brown and this time it's just a tan brown.
  3. Raw Glazing. And in the background a first attempt at throwing a double walled vessel and then carving it.
  4. Joe_L

    Blowing bubbles

    Examples of pinholing.
  5. Ahem. Yes well I'm sure many of us are familar with that.
  6. Staring at a jug for a week, wondering how the hell to glaze it to set off the form just right.

    1. LeeU


      You could ask on FB Clay Buddies....lotssa people will be glad to tell you.  Need a photo, of course.

    2. neilestrick


      Post a picture here and give us a shot at it!

    3. Joe_L


      It's been daubed now. Nothing like other people wanting to see your unfinished work to release the creative juices!

  7. That moment when you visit someone's house you haven't been to for a long time and pick up a jug off the shelf to see where it came from and discover it's got your initials on...

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    2. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      Sometimes I have no memory of having made that kind of work ... funny to me but not them ... I look through old slides ( I did say old ) and love to be surprised by what I used to make. Maybe I will add a page to my site if I can figure out how to transfer the slides with my printer.

    3. Joe_L


      You used to be able to send slides off for processing, dunno if you still can. Or get one of those little scanners but I've never found the quality good enough. Slides have such high contrast it doesn't come out well.


    4. glazenerd


      Nice bit of satisfaction.

  8. Circumstances have kept me away from clay for the last 2 months.I feel my creativity will take a while to return. Fixed by craving with a family holiday in France and found some excellent ceramics in Burgandy, and a nice bowl now sitting on my dining table. Hope to get back to the wheel soon...

    1. glazenerd


      Life does that sometime.

    2. Joe_L


      And even better, this weekend is PotFest. Always a great day out. http://www.potfest.co.uk/in-the-park/


  9. I donated some pots to a raffle and there were several murmurs of excitement from friends. One even came up and bought a bowl that was't in the raffle - my first ever actual sale.

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    2. GiselleNo5


      Excellent!!! Congratulations!

    3. glazenerd


      Bravo. In the States it is customary to frame the first dollar from your first sale.

  10. My wife saw a the table covered with bowls, each with a little slice of lemon all wrapped up in cling film and realised yes he's lost it...

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    2. GiselleNo5
    3. alabama


      Why do you use a table saw to slice lemons?

    4. alabama


      Oops, I read table but saw table saw!!

  11. My library is looking better stocked, now proud owner of John Britt's High Fire Glazes and Robin Hopper's Functional Pottery.

    1. glazenerd


      Now you have to download it into your synapses.

    2. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Or put the recipes in your memory palace!

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      both are great books!


  12. They look very archaeological. Reminds me of celtic rock carvings http://www.timetravel-britain.com/articles/stones/rockart.shtml
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