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  1. Kitchen towel and a bubble level?
  2. Mistfit

    Monster Mug

    From the album: Dec 16 - Kiln Opening

    Kind Cute.. looks a bit like me actually
  3. Mistfit

    Monster Mug

    From the album: Dec 16 - Kiln Opening

    This is Milo...
  4. Mistfit

    Little vases

    From the album: Dec 16 - Kiln Opening

    Some little pine stamped vases. Kind of cute.
  5. From the album: Dec 16 - Kiln Opening

    These two are my favorites out of the set of mugs I have just created.
  6. From the album: Dec 16 - Kiln Opening

    This is my first successful (?) teapot. I have created a few before but never thought enough about them to finish firing them. I am pretty pleased with this one although the lid does not fit as well as I'd like.
  7. Mistfit


    From the album: Dec 16 - Kiln Opening

    Trying out beer mug shapes and finishes.
  8. I have very little self-control. I read this topic yesterday and had full intentions of letting my glaze firing cool completely before opening for a peek... That didn't last. I opened it at about 250 degrees. Happily though, everything turned out fine.
  9. I am a fairly new potter and I love this look. Can someone give me a primer on how the look it achieved? Specifically the leaf/glaze look (the plate I can handle on my own ). Thanks K
  10. Mistfit


    These are great. You might have to loose the paisley on one for me but I like everything else.
  11. Unless I have missed the best time to trim (wait too long) I typically can get away with just dampening the bat head and pressing slightly down on it and it will almost vacuum seal it to the head. If you trim while still slightly damp you do not have to put as much pressure on your tool so it is not as likely to move.
  12. This is near you? If so I hope you and yours are safe. I live in Northern Michigan and could smell smoke in the air this morning from the TN fires. That is from over 600 miles away. Thoughts and prayers sir...
  13. I just had my first mass blow up... 8 pots one load.. that will teach me to rush a bisque firing.
  14. These are gorgeous. I love the Raku colors you achieve on these. K
  15. Mistfit


    Some of the things I am working on
  16. From the album: WIP

    I am fairly new to pottery and I am just getting to the point where I am happy with some of the things I am making. This form is 4lbs which is one of the largest I have worked on. I am pleased with it as it was not overly wonky. I added the dog collar on this morning.. Kevin
  17. My idea is to start this back up again.. Did the community challenge stop while I was away? It was one of the reasons I returned.
  18. I am a relatively new potter and I have to agree with Mark C here. I was having a similar issue as you with difficulties getting centered. I watched some videos and noticed they were all spinning much faster than I was. Upping the speed has helped a ton. I can still get a little wobbly when opening if I have nor processed my clay properly or wheel wedged it enough but this is becoming more rare. If you continue to have issues I would suggest videoing your process and let the experts here see what you are doing, or not doing, correctly.
  19. Well.. I do not know if I will have this done in time for the end of this challenge but I will certainly give it a go. I have definitely used the Hydria as an inspiration as opposed to trying to make a replication.. I also am going to try to mark 2 things off of my "to do" list with this one pice.. Community Challenge and Tea Pot.. These are my WIP pics. I cut the neck into two pieces and make 2 "tea cup" out of it. They stack back pretty well. I have a lid that will cover the tea area and the top of the neck so the whole thing will stack up.. Lots of fiddling with this one. I am pretty happy with it so far.
  20. Mistfit


    Community Challenge #4 - Hydria
  21. From the album: CC4

  22. This is one of my goals. I want to make my own dinner set. It is actually one of my selling points to my wife when I was talking her into allowing me to buy my own wheel and kiln so I suppose I had best get to it. I do drink out of my own coffee mugs though.. and if I used sugar in my coffee I have a great sugar bowl I love.. other than that I am still a work in progress.
  23. It is a very nice tea pot Neil, I love your spout on this one! Strangely enough, spouts are why I have never completed a tea pot.. Can't seem to make one that makes me happy. Also I love how your logo is representitive of your unique handle application. It makes my graphic design heart happy.
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