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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everybody! I am quite new to ceramics and I was wondering if it is possible to leave pieces unglazed. It concerns a series of handbuilt tealight holders, so even though it is functional pottery, they will not be used for any food or beverages. The types of clay I have used are the numbers 354 (980-1200 °C), 366 (1000-1120 °C) and 376 (max 1240 °C) from Have a good clay (I think it used to be called Goerg&Schneider). I like the structure and colour of the clay (especially when the tealight itself is lit and illuminates the chamotte) and I wish to keep it after firing the pieces. Is glazing a must for every piece of pottery? And if it is possible to leave them unglazed, should they be fired twice (and to which temperature)? Also, will the pieces be more brittle and fragile when they are not covered by the glaze? Thank you very much in advance! Any help is very welcome!:) Have a good day!
  2. Hello and thank you in advance for any of you that might be able to give me an advice. I am looking for a solution to transport overglazed items ( luster, to be precise ). I have already found a method for raw ( sawdust ) and another for the glazed items ( cornstarch spray ). I am wondering if the cornstarch spray method would work also with the lusters or is there any reaction between the substances that would not recomend this method. Or perhaps you have used other methods and something worked. I very much thank you!
  3. I am interested in Your input... I want to tile my bathroom myself, using tiles I created with molds. So the tiles created MUST be WATER PROOF! Firing the green ware using a home kiln, using my 110v house hold run wiring. Finally after firing to bisque, glazing to fire. I live in a townhouse so extra venting or drilling is not possible. I know this venture is going to take forever unless Covid takes me. What kind of kiln? How and why. I use to help my mom when she use to do ceramics. Way back with cones and giant kilns. So not what I want nor need
  4. JamesP


    From the album: Gas Kiln

    Turning on the gas
  5. From the album: Mistfit - WIP CC3

    Completed works for my entry into the Community Challenge #3, which asked for something out of round or not round.

    © All Rights Reserved to kMist Design

  6. From the album: Mistfit - WIP CC3

    View of the 2 Community Challenge #3 pots with their lids on.
  7. From the album: What I am up to

    A slightly better angle
  8. From the album: What I am up to

    The finished product glazed and fired to cone 6
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