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  1. Your explanation and photos are great! How about filling it with chicken wings and dip?
  2. Good so far - tried the canvas covered bat today. Took a few tries to get the clay lump to stick securely to the canvas covered bat. I think my "slip" wasn't thick enough, but I added some super soft clay under the canvas and on top of the canvas and then it worked great. Best thing is the wire went under the canvas easily and it was a smooth slide onto a ware board. We'll see how it goes from here!
  3. Thanks everyone! I will try the tar paper idea, and also the canvas idea I read about on Vince Pitelka's site. Wish me luck!
  4. Hello! I sometimes make bird feeders, see attached photo. They are hard to remove from the bat without distorting, since the "deck" is thin. I need to get them off the plastic bat the next day so they can dry more evenly. Somewhere I saw that you could put pieces of plastic or paper strips on the bat edges, and throw the item over it, and it would be easier to remove. I wish I'd saved that link, but I didn't. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I do have a couple of plaster bats, but prefer the plastic ones. As always, thanks to this community for all the help and w
  5. Thanks to you all for your good advice! I really only wanted to make enough money to support my habit (pottery) :-) I will begin reporting my profits and ask our accountant for advice, too. For some reason I thought, at my age (71), the rules were different. I appreciate your experience and wisdom!
  6. Hi I've searched a bit on this forum and not found an answer to my question, so maybe someone can help me, please. I am a "Hobby" potter, but last year I sold about $2500.00 (gross) of my own pottery on Etsy. I am 71 years old, a retired graphic artist and drawing social security. My husband still works. Am I, at some point, required to be a business and pay taxes as a business and all that involves? So far, I have not included any Etsy sales as income on my taxes. Any information would be really appreciated. I am totally ignorant about business things, I am just havin
  7. Ok, so I programmed the ramp/hold - no problems whatsoever. Then I went to the manuel to see how to start the program - guess what - I HAVE TO PRESS "4"!!! Oh, well, I laughed after I stopped cursing :-) Guess I'll bisque at 03 or 05 instead, until I can get the new $441 controller.
  8. One more question - I work in cone 5-6 stoneware and usually have time to let it dry completely. BUT I am skiddish - could I add a "pre-heat" to this? The Sentry pre-heat goes 60 deg.F per hour to 200 deg. Then it allows me to hold as long as I specify. I wouldn't want to add over 2 hrs to the total firing time. So, would the second segment be 100/200/hold amt? (The second seg in your original answer would become third, etc.) Any suggestions? Thank you so much for your help - I am new to the programming part.
  9. Hi I have a Paragon TNF-243, bought new in 2009 (I love it!) I would like to create a "Ramp-Hold" program with the Sentry 2.0 that is identical to the pre-programmed Cone 04 program. Does anyone have the schedule of the Cone 04 firing schedule that is similar to the one already programmed in the Sentry 2.0? I ask because the number key "4" on this digital controller is failing, and I need to find a work-around until I can afford to replace it. Thank You Thank You
  10. I reached my quota of "likes" on the first page! I am a newbie here, but I really like the idea of the community challenge. Although everyone might not participate for various reasons, it is inspiring to think about the challenge and can influence the direction you are going. Isn't that what community does? Thank you for working on this! How about things that inspire people - in form or function, with or without words. Most obvious would be a cross or a shot glass ( ), but go beyond that?
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