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  1. Ok -let us know how this turns out-it sucks so far. I never heard about art in ceramics.

    I sell a mug for 25$ and sent out 10 thats 250$ and not art value. Its retail value.

    I have seem to have  a UPS agaent call me every 3 months or so so next time I'll ask about this as aI ship out a lot with them..I need to get to the bottom of it .Why insure the value if its bogus in the end?

    They found my package  in a few weeks last lost one at xmas time.

  2. I have had lost packages but they found them

    If you paid  extra for insurance (per100$ is the usual thing )and they lost them they need to pay no mater what the item was. For example -UPS covers the 1st 100$ and if the value is stated was at 400$ you pay extra for that value-this is the amout you get when lost or destroyed.

    The pre approval you speak is this the amount  beyond the 1st $100??

    If it is then yes I do that all the time .

    also how long have they been missing and did they trace the packages?

    Does this answer any of your questions?

    Welcome to the forum sorry its under these circumstances 

  3. You can still order a Skutt with a sitter I think with a timer backup (thats two systems for shut off) I know this was true a few years ago as I know someone who did.

     (In just the last week I've had two customers who have been firing their kilns for years without understanding that the backup timer on their Sitters has nothing to do with how long a firing takes to get to temperature.)

    Well thats just because firing is an unknown for many ,many people.



  4. Hopefully some aspire users will chime in and give advice. 

    I'm not a fan of those wheels and your issues seem to be the norm

    since its uder warranty I would as Neil says send the video to Them and see what they say. The thumping sound s like a flat spot on belt from sitting to long The wobble  is just poor craftsmanship -the speed knob may be adjustable -see what they say

  5. Yes its a bit like stock trades-(I also do some of that as well)

    buy when price is low in quantity 

    Maybe the thing is decide if ceramics is your thing  and if that s a yes than approach materials in a business like manner .

    If you are just playing around  with clay than all this makes no sense.


  6. I think and this is a guess at this point in the foot ring needs to come out just a little and make them a bit thicker as well.

    I throw porcelain plates and fire at cone 10 without movement . I do have a small nubbin in center for slumping and they are thicker so they do not move-they are in my photo album if you want to see them.-

    At last weeks Art show I had 3  eight piece plate sets(glazes differently)  with salad plates-sold one set.They bought matching bowls in two sizes as well. Biggest sale at show for me. I tend to stock lots of dinnerware as most potters do not.

  7. Whats important is what can leach out of a glaze. That will depend on firing temps and clay body fusion and some other factors so if you sent your  ware in after firing it could test graet or poor and that whats most important .If its not leaching its fine.

    I use a baruim glaze at cone 10 and I use it on the outside (not on lip) so its a decratrive feature not on the functional part of pots.



  8. Materials have been going up especially lately. I stock/horde materials in larger quantities so am less affected by any fluxations . I also am a distributor so price hikes show up in email form from supplier every month or three  or six and I can see whats happening. Tin ,cobalt,frits and really many colorants rise (and sometimes fall ) fairly often. For example the world demand for cobalt /spodume in electric cars really drove prices sky high as Min said above .Other factors include larger companies buying up smaller mining companys and closing them down or taking all the supply for a few business like we saw with texas talc recently. This is a huge factor now in ceramics for us. It started about 10 years back and will affect us all. If one wants to avoid  this  some buy in larger quantities and shop around. I found a cobalt and odd colorant supplier(non ceramic supply)  who dealt in 50# lots and I bought colbalt carb and sold most of it so I would have cheaper cobalt myself. I bought  lots of Tin long ago during a drop in price cycle and will not need any more most likely.

    Trucking  cost has climbed steadily and adds to the prices. World demand also can make for rises. I have 8,450#s coming in a week (mostly porcelain) and share trucking to lower costs with our local ceramic supply house

    Every year almost I buy a few bags of  Alberta slip and silica, whiting and Nepheline Syenite  as I do not want to stock over 3 bags of each along with my clay order. These have all gone up but considering the price its been small and steady .Clay also has slowly risen.

    In 1982 I bought 3,000 of kingman feldspar and am down to about 200 -300#s now and that was a very good move it turned out. On a smaller scale one can do the same thing. 

    Now for hobbyists who only use tiny amounts you will take the brunt of all price hikes but really most things ceramic are pretty low cost.


  9. Yes wider foot ring

    If the plates are slumping because the foot ring is not supporting the curve (I cannot see in you photo what is going on) Then its a wider foot ring. If the foot ring is fine and the plates are trimmed to thin then its more clay. 

    You can decide or show us a bottom and top photo of the slumped plate looking down at it and I can see whats happening -I assume cone 10 as well?

  10. 2 hours ago, oldlady said:

    how wonderful for you!  being underwater with all those beautiful fish and all is a treat that you deserve.

    the third photo shows a fish with 4 mini-antlers on its head, do you know what it is?

    Thats a kelp greenling  in bottom photo and the fish above that is a sculpin and the nudibranch is aTriopha cataline

    I always either know the cruitter or key it out in my library of fish and Nudibranchs of the world books

  11. 2 hours ago, neilestrick said:

    Glazing a vitrified pot is much more difficult than glazing a piece that is porous. If you're going to make a lot of pieces, you may find that the difficulty of doing it that way slows down production.

    This is a major point for any work that involes many pieces

    I suggest rethinking your firing strategy completely 

    Most ceramics is fired to bisque than glazed then fired to maturity.The reasons are ease of glazing and firing.

  12. On 3/13/2021 at 8:04 PM, Benzine said:

    So, I just can't get get those brass connectors ordered from Euclid. 

    My card apparently doesn't like the fact that the company is in Canada.

    Is there anywhere else to get those brass connectors, or would the stainless ones work as well?

    I had zero issues-call your card Company

  13. 14 hours ago, oldlady said:

    glad to hear that you have done so well at that show.   finally got word that a big one for me is going to happen on the street in alexandria.   now i can stop looking for small ones closer to my house and concentrate on having a huge amount of pots for october.  

    If the show happens(due to covid numbers on the rise) be prepared for big sales-consider marking your wares up a bit as well.

    I put out an extra table to distance ourselves andmasked all during the outdoor show hours. The public is super eager to buy right now. No telling about Oct. Thats my next show as well in NV. as well as a huge wholesale order

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